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long term stomach problem

hi my name is Manish. I am now suffering for almost all stomach problems for a long time, around 9 months. About my history, after a drink party around 9 months ago i suffered with constant upper abdominal pain and hyper acidity. I went to a gastro and after my endoscopy i was diagnosed with pan gastritis and h pylori positive. After medication ( antibiotic course for 10 days, ganaton and nexium) i was fine. But again after 1 month upper gi discomfort and contant bleching continued. As my age is just 28 i am very worriedif these are signs ofstomach cancer. Stool is normal, no vomitting but mild nausea, upper abdominal discomfort and lots of gas.
Please help.
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Hey Manish!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include GI infections, inflammations, gastritis, GERD, GI motility issues etc. None of the symptoms described as specific of GI cancer. Aside appropriate medications, dietary and lifestyle changes such as avoiding spicy food, taking regular meals at short intervals, avoiding stress/ alcohol/ smoking etc ate also important as a part of treatment. I would suggest seeking a review with your treating gastroenterologist for a detailed evaluation and depending on the cause identified, it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Manish i had all that stuff as everyone with gull bladder problems do but i took double treatment for my h-pylori since i think i had it so long now you need to get a scope into your stomace they can scrape it for cancer also get a hida scan if you have gull bladder disfuntion the scan ask the dr at what percent is the fraction to the test if its lower then 40% then get your gull bladder removed also eatt good food, i been taking prilsec every morning when i wake up and it will help heal your stomache but do the test above as said, i have gull bladder fraction of 26% and will have it removed on wednesday i keep thinking i had stomache cancer too because this one symptom that they can not figure out is in the morning when i wake my stomach is sore not like aching but like sore when i get up and move around it goes away but its been like that since i was 17 im 44 now but prilosec will heal your stomache if you have ultcer i have all it so i will have my gull bladder out soon but its been nagging me since 1999 ultra sounds and mris could not detect nothin so i had a hida scan it showed that my gull bladder is not funtioning only at 26 % but it makes my pancreis hurt to so under both ribs i been suffering for years 1999 i thought i was goig to die i had ebv for 2 years and i think that led to it or they hit me at the same time but i thought i was going to die for 2 years ever since had the wierd crap under both sides of my ribs but follow the advise above also i know taking 7 pills a day for 2 weeks ***** but you might before all this get h-pylori treatment 1 more time then do all the test i said
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Also drinking can cause pancreitis and those are connected with the gull bladder as well
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