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right side dull ache under ribs

I have had a dull ache and and sometimes mild burning sensation right side under ribs and sometimes left side or right int he middle and around to my back sometimes and up into my esophagus like I have to burp.I always feel like a have gas rumbling around and often have intestinal gas as well. If I push on my ribs where the dull ache is, it feel like i ned to burp.  this has been on and off for months.    I have had indigestion and IBS my whole life.  I am 48 years old - female.  Healthy otherwise.I have acude reflux frequently, am never nauseous, and appetite normal if not super-hungry sometimes.  
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Ask your doctor to check your gall bladder.  I had similar symptoms off and on for many years... it turned out they were gall bladder attacks due to a large gall stone that would periodically block the bile duct to my liver.  

Ultrasound showed the large stone, plus many smaller ones.  Once my gall bladder was removed, I stopped having those "attacks".  I did, however, continue to have acid reflux and remained on acid reducers for many years.  That was resolved when it was discovered that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune thyroid condition that causes one to become hypothyroid.  Once I was started on replacement thyroid medication, my acid reflux was alleviated as well.  I only get it back now, if my medication is out of balance or if I'm under extreme stress, which can also cause excess acid production.

I'd recommend that you see your doctor and discuss these things with her/him...
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