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what does “Dysplasia given location likely ......

....require surgical resection given location occluding AO to large 2C flat poyp appearance of SSA 2C bx to inform but not removed given poor bowel preparation with concern

I understand about the poor bowel prep.  I drank the liquid and I didn’t have a bm for 5 hours.  I drank 3/4 of it the night before and didn’t go much during the night.  That stuff really is hard to drink.  Is there something else?  I’ve got to redo this coloscopy :-/.  Thanks in advance.  There are a few other things on the report that I’d love to know what they mean
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Thanks for your question and we are sorry for the difficult time you went through trying to get the colonoscopy liquid down.  If they are calling for surgical resection, they aren't asking you do another coloscopy are they?  They have seen a polyp and need to remove it and are going the surgical route to do so?  Working with your doctor is important.  Here is some general information about colon resection https://www.webmd.com/colorectal-cancer/bowel-resection#1.  

If you saying that your doctor is recommending another colonoscopy, perhaps these tips would help you. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/fretting-about-your-colonoscopy-new-prep-routine-is-easier-to-swallow/.  Your doctor may also have alternative solutions for you. Sometimes the drink is diluted and other steps can be taken.

There is an alternative to colonoscopy for the future but would not be something for now.  As you state you have a polyp, this wouldn't work for you. But in the future, there is Cologuard. This is an alternative to the colonoscopy. You do it at home by basically using a kit.  It contains a liner you put in the toilet, you go and then drop a few provided drops into the liner, tie it off and put it in the provided container to send to the lab.  It's 95 % effective.  However, if it is positive, you have to have a regular colonoscopy.  You know that this time around, you already have a polyp.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/medical-professionals/digestive-diseases/news/cologuard-primed-to-change-landscape-of-crc-screening/mac-20429632

Clarify with us on what you are being told your next step is and we'll go from there.

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