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Do you think I am getting the right diagnoses for my condition?

In February 2020, I started having bouts of diarrhea. The first thing I noticed was that I would feel like having a bowel movement almost immediately after meal. symptoms subsided after a month. The symptoms came back in June 2020 after I ate some garlic. This time around, the diarrhea was intensive, and I also noticed that I developed intolerance for wheat, beans, alcohol, soft drinks, and milk at this time. After taking some futile drugs, a doctor prescribed probiotics and blood tonic. These alleviated the diarrhea. Weeks later, I started noticing that I was having palpitations, irregular fatigue/weakness, and pain in my sides and abdominal joints. I went to the doctor yet again, and she ordered HIV test and ECG which all said I am good. The doctor then prescribed Antacid, immunobiotics and probiotics for me. The drugs did not work and, while the palpitations subsided, the pain radiated to the chest, below my breastbone, and both arms. I was then referred to a Gastroenterologist. The specialist prescribed tests mainly abdominal scan, blood test, HiV test, and stool test for me. All said I was OK, except the stool test which came back positive for H-Pylori. This was February 2021. The doctor prescribed Normagut Capsules, Elcorid, and then Nexium.

I have been on Nexium for 20 days now, yet the pain has not subsided. It has even become worse and has spread to the back, all my chest region, and my bone that connect my shoulders. Sometimes, I do see blood-stained stool. I was alarmed and googled, the colon cancer and other conditions popped up on google. But my stool is sometimes very thick and long if I get constipated before. Now, the gastro doc, upon hearing my blood stained stool experience, prescribed colonoscopy, but I am yet to do it because I don't have the money (#70,000/$140).

Do you think I am getting the right diagnoses for my condition?
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