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14 year old with digestive issues

My daughter just started last monday with this problem:  Every time she eats she has to run to the bathroom.  At first, she told me she had diarrhea (when this first started, she also had her period, so I thought it was just inter related) Last night I asked her to have me look at her bowel movement.  It was formed but slightly loose, some of it floated and some did not.  What could be going on here?  How long should I let this go on before seeing a doctor?  It doesn't matter what she eats, she goes running to the bathroom within 5 minutes to an hour.  I'm thinking maybe she has developed a gluten allergy, so when she wakes up today, I'm going to have her just eat a banana and she what happens.
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Hm, so this is new?  Could she have anxiety?  Gastroenteritis?  I have a son the same age with digestive issues but they have been ongoing for eons.  The newness of this is throwing me off.  Would she suddenly develop a sensitivity to gluten?  They can test for that though and worth a try to see.  Is she losing weight?  It's been a week now and agree that is odd but think about that . . . 5 minutes after you eat, your food is not even digested and in your bowel yet.  Running straight through her would be unusual. So, I guess I would get to the doctor to discuss this.
Yes, very new, which is why it is throwing me off.  She does have anxiety/depression and has been seeing a therapist for a year now.  She claims she is not anxious about anything, so I don't know.  My daughter always had issues with constipation when she was younger, we had to give her miralax on a daily basis, so this is something totally different.  She has lost some weight, but I attributed that to losing her baby fat and getting curves.  I know that the food that is coming out of her, is not the food she just ate.  She claims that after she eats, her stomach starts to hurt and once she has a bowel movement she feels better.    Thanks for your answer.  I will see what today brings and consult with her doctor if it doesn't stop.  I'm even wondering if it isn't something viral.
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Yes, it could be that too,  A stomach bug.  But agree that she should be seen.  Sometimes these things feel like medical mysteries!!!  Come back and tell me what the doc says.  There is also ulcerative colitis . . . another possibility but think those stools are usually looser than what you describe.  Who knew parenting would involve stool analysis, right?
I will let you know what the verdict is.   I hope it's nothing too serious.  I know, seriously, LOL! Fun times!! Have a good day!
Saw the doc yesterday and she seems to think it is some type of either virus or infection that needs to work itself out.  She told me to give it another week and if it is still happening, she gave me scripts for blood work and stool analysis.  So if we still have this issue next monday, we go for blood work to see if she has any infections or celiac disease and the stool analysis.  I"m hoping it will clear up on its own.  
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Hi if it anxiety if I were u, u should start taking ur daughter activities so she can distract herself  like kickboxing, yoga and other. Before it too late and her symptoms getting worst when she grow older( being aware and fear ). That in my opinion
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My small cousin use to have problem with consipation so my aunt took them to therapy and activity and it help her ( but the difference is that she is like 11 year old )
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