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22 yr old Pancreatitis - Cannabis induced?

I am a 22 year old healthy female who has been recently diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis. I had to go to the ER with severe abdominal pain and they admitted me for 3 days. The ER doctors assumed alcohol was the cause because i explained I had drunk around 4 glasses of wine at a party 4 nights before my attack, but none since then. I've always been light on alcohol use, 3-5 drinks a week maximum. I had recently cut back even more on my drinking just to cut calories, and was having maybe one beer on the weekend for about 3 months. They had ruled out Gallstones with an ultrasound.I explained that drinking that much was something that doesn't happen often, and I had no nausea, just the severe pain in my upper abdomen. (It was also 4 nights before.) I was placed on a no food/liquid diet.
Anyways, they prescribed me narcotics upon my release 3 days later. I'm a cannabis smoker and I decided to use that for my pain instead of the narcotics. I followed up with a GI 3 days after being home, and he asked if I smoked marijuana. I said I did, just about every day. he said that is most likely the cause of my pancreatitis, not the mild alcohol use. He said I need to STOP smoking right now, and never again in my life. I told him that I had been doing research since I got into the hospital and nowhere had I come across any discussion of Marijuana being the cause for pancreatitis. He told me to research Cannabis induced pancreatitis and I would find material. I got home and did more research and came up with very little, and absolutely no conclusive evidence. I live in Florida and in November out state will vote on Medical Marijuana. I think that with all the lobbying going on from big pharmaceutical companies, this has influenced my doctors diagnosis.
Has anyone heard of this or been given this answer?

Thanks so much.
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