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23 yr old male acid reflux and chest lump

What are the possible causes for a painless lump in the lower to middle of the chest aprox 2'' in size, together with acid reflux? Symptoms for 1 to 2 years. Otherwise fit and healthy.

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Hi, I get that too sometimes, acid reflux and irregular here some too.
Drop me a line, to let me know if you are feeling any better yet.
Are you feeling irregular some as well?
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Further to my question about acid reflux accompanied with a chest lump, also there is some lack of total digestion with some foods eg green peas! note that there is also loose bowels but no weight loss. In fact slightly , very slightly overweight. I am scheduled for GI surgery in 3 days for a biopsy. I am surprised however, that I have not had a scan of any kind_ straight to an operation with a general anesthetic! I am trying not to freak out here, but I am naturally worried.
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