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4 week wait for appendectomy of ruptured appendix - what activities are safe ?

I'm 41yrs old, in reasonable fitness and health but have been diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and have had a drain/antibiotic therapy to clear up the infection and abscess. The appendix will be taken out in 4 weeks' time. What range of physical activity should I carry out in the interval? Would there be a risk of causing damage by lifting, bending, moderate gym exercise etc ?

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4 weeks?  That's nuts.  A ruptured appendix leaks into all your organs as I understand it.  I would think you need immediate medical attention.
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Well no, the received advice is to clear up the infection (high mixed antibiotic doses) and be sure that the infection has gone/inflammation has subsided before proceeding with the removal. An interval of this period does seem fairly routine - as long as there is ongoing monitoring to ensure no infection reoccurs. I think the assumption is that in the absence of continuing fevers, pain etc the appendix rupture has naturally sealed - long enough at least till the operation. Hence my question about whether there are any specific activities or movements I should be avoiding in the mean time, I don't want it reopening for business !
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Sell the cat and the parakeet and fly to America and get the operation within 6 hours.

If the appendix is ruptured the only thing you will end up with is anti-biotic resisant bacteria. And hopefully the priest will say nice things about you at your funeral.

I'm with TurkeyLurkey.

"That's nuts!"
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Ummm... http://insidesurgery.com/2006/04/appendix-removal-appendectomy/ - particularly the third paragraph relating to abscess (which I had)... The (American I think) article suggests a 6 week interval so 4 weeks wouldn't seem to be excessive.
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You are crazy if you wait 4 weeks for removal of your ruptured appendix.  If you end up with peritonitis you wil be extremely ill !! I dont care if they have you on antibiotics the organ had ruptured infection into your abdominal cavity !!  Besides I would think that the appendix itself can turn gangreen because of the rupture!!  You are crazy to wait antibiotics or not surgery is the answer!
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I did have peritonitis prior to admission and yes, I was extremely ill though had no idea of how bad I actually was (I thought I had a bad dose of the flu with a stomach bug). This was successfully treated and, from my reading regarding the handling of a ruptured appendix, the pre-op interval is fairly standard. So any advice regarding activity while I wait would be appreciated!
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