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42 Male, Never had issues.Yellow Loose Stool, dull lower back pain, HELP !!!

Hi All,

I am 42 Male is o.k. shape never had anything like this in my life.  7 days of Acid Reflux, Bloated, Gassy, Loose Yellow Stool, lower back dull pain, and a little Fatigue.
The yellow liquid from the stool is at the end of the bowel movement and stay on top of the water.
There no bad order and not greasy.
My Stool is # 5 and #6 on the Bristol Stool Chart.
There is no blood in both my urine and stool.  My urine is a little yellow and not dark in color and there no pain urinating.

I have stopped all greasy food, and eat nothing but veggies, lean protein, and fruits.

It all started after eater 3 slices of greasy pizza.

I went to a GI doctor yesterday and he didn't think anything was a concern, basically he said it was the greasy that I ate.  He advised me to used some Pepcid Ac and asked me to go get some blood work done and if it does not get better in 2 months go back.

I'm such a worry wart, I know my anxiety level is off the charts and may have something to do with this too.
I think 2 months is a long time, I had stomach bugs before but usually only last a few days this is going on for 1 week, I'm so worried it could be a sign of something worst.

Any ideas ?  Thank you so much in advance.
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It's been 5 wks now.  Symptoms are better but not 100% well.
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