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5 weeks post LIS op

Hi all,
I had lis surgery one month ago. The first two weeks were brutal! I can now say that I feel excellent with no pain and no discomfort. However, I am having trouble having a bowel movement. I have made dietary changes, take probiotic and stool softeners as I am terrified to ever become constipated with hard stools again. I have suffered from chronic constipation since my teens.  So, my stool is soft. Yet, It is extremely hard to pass. I rarely feel urgency to go but know I have to. Most days I sit for nearly an hour before I can go.
Has this happened to anyone elsebb
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Hi, post surgery there can be constipation, due to inadequate intake of fluids. Try and take plenty of oral fluids. Drink plenty of water. Regular meals with high fiber content like green leafy vegetables, plenty of fruits, lots of oral fluids and exercise will help relieve constipation. Also, walk frequently, this will promote bowel movements. Regards.
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