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6 weeks post appendectomy

Hi all, I am a 27 year old and thought to be healthy man. but while I was travelling in Eastern Europe I started having a slight pain in the bladder area when needing to urinate. I passed it off as a bladder infection as I have had these symptoms before and started taking vitamin c and cranberry juice. There were no other symptoms and everything else was normal. appetite, Bowel Movements were all normal, no fever at all.

on the 9th day after first symptoms appeared, while in turkey, I woke up in the morning and went to go to the toilet. the pain was very sharp right in the middle of my pelvic area and was difficult for me to walk to the bathroom. After urination everything was fine again and it was like nothing was wrong with me. I decided to try and find a doctor to see what was going on, but with the language barrier and being eastern europe it was very frustrating. So I decided to hold off till the next day as I was going to bulgaria and had relatives there that could help translate.

On the 10th day, after a 9 hour bus ride through the night the same thing happened but much worse. sharp pain in the bladder area while the bladder was full but i could pin point the pain.

As soon as I got to the family I asked them to take me to hospital. After tests and ultrasound they saw a collection of free moving fluid in my lower right side which they suspected to be appendicitis.
I was addmited straight into surgery and awoke 2.5 hours later with a 8 inch incision from above my navel to the pelvic region as well as the normal appendectomy incision. The doctor came and saw me while I was still groggy and told me it was very complicated and was the biggest appendix he had ever seen. the size of a small cucumber he said. 7 cms long and fairly thick. it was gangrenous, granulomatous and there was local peritonitis and typhilitis. But everything was ok and the surgery was successfull.

Recovery was quite good. started walking on the first day, was passing gas and had a bowel movement by the 3rd day and could sit up on my own by the 4th day.
After 7 days in hospital and plenty of antibiotics and fluid I was released with a prescription of flagyl 500mg a day and was told to eat soups and soft foods for a few more days and gradually start eating normal foods.

In the report they came up with a diagnosis of chrones disease but I have never had symptoms or a family history of the disease.

A week after being released I painfully flew home to Australia where I saw my doctor. He reviewed the medical report and from what he could see there was little reason for them to suspect chrones disease and advised me not to have any other tests unless I show signs or symptoms. 6 weeks after surgery my bowel movements are normal and I am eating a normal diet.

I was back at work after 4 weeks post op and feeling really good. getting around fine feeling pretty normal.probably doing abit to much but thought I'd be fine as I am superman. I began to try and do some stomach exercises at 5 weeks post op. the day I did the exercises I felt fine, but the day after my abs were quite sore especially around my vertical incision and my belly button. since I did the exercise I have started getting swollen in the belly after standing for a while and it becomes really uncomfortable.

I have been poking around my stomach to feel if there are any pains, which there are but are fairly mild, But I think my constant paranoia and poking is making the pain and swelling worse. is this possible? I also feel like I have gone backwards in my recovery as I cannot do as much as I could at 4 weeks post op. The Bloating and tenderness around my stomach doesnt feel like it is going away and it is now hard for me to lye on my stomach.

I am getting worried at the rate of my recovery as I am supposed to be going to indonesia on a surf trip in another 5 weeks (10 weeks post op), which the doctor tells  me I should be fine to do. (I booked the trip 6 months ago and cannot change it) I dont mind just lying on the beach if i cannot surf but it would be a bit of a bummer. I was hoping to start some training for getting my fitness for surfing back soon but at the current rate I dont know how to go about it. I am also worried about hernia etc as my incision was pretty large but has healed really well.

I have been searching around for recovery times and how long I should wait before trying to surf/start excercising after an appendicitis like this but have not found anything. If anyone can give me any insight that would be amazing! Thank you all in advance.
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Hello. My story is - line by line - like yours. I am also your age. Please check your inbox and PLEASE contact me.

Thank you

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