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6 years with symptoms, lots of questions, no answers.

Abdominal distention
Gas - intestinal... noisy. and embarrassing.
Inconsistent bowel habits - some days it's fine, some days it's constipation, some days it's a little more loose

I have seen 3 different doctors, one who was in internal medicine. All three have said it's just gas, but it can't be. I have tried all of the OTC anti-gas meds and none of them have helped. I have tried cutting out gluten products, and while I lose weight this way the gas and bipolar bowel are still there. One doctor gave me a sample of some probiotics... didn't help. A lot of the time it gets worse if I'm stressed or nervous.

This has been going on for more than 6 years now and I'm tired of doctors saying the same thing because I have tried everything they've suggested. I want to live comfortably again... this really keeps me from going to conferences because I get so embarrassed from my GI tract making noises. It's not normal.

Can anyone help?
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Does your GI tract make noise even more at the conferences? Especially if you are about to speak or are speaking? Have you had a colonoscopy and endoscopy? Hida scan for your gallbladder? Have you been tested for H-plori?
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Yes, it does seem to make more noise at the conferences or during exams than any other time. So part of me thinks it could be emotionally linked, if that's even possible?

I have not had any tests done because the doctors say, "It's just gas," and send me on my merry way. Are those things you think I should possibly mention to a GI doctor?

Thanks for your input!
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Hey Kelly...

sounds like me.. 4 1/2 years counting with anxiety and insomnia and bad IBS.  Finally found some relief doing a fructose free diet (I thought I was fructose free 6 months ago but I had no idea how limited it is!)

Anyway I don't think this website allows you to post web links but try *white* rice and unseasoned meats and spinach for like 4 days..zero fruit/zero wheat/gluten and see if there's any improvement..

just a thought, I'm still not feeling great but it's worth a shot.  Good luck!

(or if you have insurance you could ask the doctors for a fructose intolerance breath test..cheap easy 3 hour test.)
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