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7 year old with ongoing stomach virus

I need any advice I can get please! My 7 year old woke up in the middle of the night Saturday. She threw up every 30 mins for several hours. Sunday morning she seemed fine and felt okay so we assumed she just ate something bad. Monday she went to school and when I went to pick her up She was crying and complaining of stomach pain and then she threw up again and went to sleep. Tuesday I took her to the the Dr and she only threw up once. They said she had either a stomach virus or food poisoning and to wait it out. Wednesday she was in bad shape, very lethargic and tired, can't eat at all and the pain continues near her belly button every time and usually later in the day. The only time she threw up Thursday was in the middle of the night and it was just some stomach acid. Today is friday, she acted like she felt good this morning despite the pain around her belly button. After about an hour she was up and smiling saying her stomach was okay now. A few hours later and after she tried to eat some food her stomach hurts again and she is laying in bed and doesn't want to talk or do anything which is very out of the norm for her.
My question is:
1)Why would she be sick for so long?
2)Do people normally have a stomach bug or food poisoning with no diarrhea whatsoever?
3) Why does she have the same pain in the same spot every time?
After hours of researching all I can come up with is pancreatitis but I'm not sure if she is in enough pain for that to be the case. Please help, I am worried sick.
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