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7 years of research - please help

Hello everyone I am 24 years old, and I'm an athlete since early age. I am in great shape and pretty muscular with low fat percentage. However, Since 7 years ago - before I joined the army -  I started to have different symptoms : I started to have a lot of mucus during the day, especially after meals. I have history of allergies but not to food - as far as I thought, so I did allergy tests and saw that I have some minor allergies to carrots and mango. But, that wasnt the issue. Almost every product I eat causes mucus /snot /tiredness/bloating sometimes diarrhea
and sometimes constipation and mainly heartburn. I went to many doctors and eventually I discovered that I had helicobacter pylori, I took the treatment 4 years ago which didnt work, and again 2 months ago I took the triple treatment and after it didnt work again I took the quad treatment for h pylori which worked!!

However, the symptoms did not change ( just felt a bit less tired). During my service, I took my body to intense exercises. So then I saw that my thyroid didn't work well ( a bit High TSH) (I passed out during exercise) but that was couple years after all started.. And still everything was de same.
I went to naturopathy and changed my nutrition as I could in the army (I served in special forces), and after a period of time, it did help. I had better and less mucus, but everytime I ate little outside of the menu everything was same and now almost every product I consume causes these symptoms even breathing difficulties. It seems that every year there's another product on the list that I cannot eat ( like allergic reactions ) Until today my nutritional variety is very low. And somehow I manage to eat and to be in shape. I think maybe the problem is in the colon or it seems like theres an allergy reaction in the colon or in the small intestine(which I never heard of)...
I use Oregano oil and it really helps me to eat more but the variety is still very low. Since last year, I started to have lots of mucus also in my..stool, and now I have it almost every day. Sometimes it is transparent and sometimes I can sit for hours feeling I need to poop and eventually I have orange mucus and thats it.

Products that causes to these symptoms : meat, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs, oats, sugar and also I think soy products . So When I eat it I feel it immediately in my throat disrupting - and all the other symptoms. The heartburn is better now when I use the Oregano oil but without it I am lost, also the symptoms did not change.

I did Fructose test which seemed positive and Sibo test which is negative. I was sent to lactose and sorbitol tests, and I know it will be positive. But even if it will be positive it doesn't help me.. knowing these products causes for those symptoms is not new. I went to the best doctors and this is the best they can suggest.. I am really afraid to have something critical there since my stomach and colon are going through hell everyday.

My blood tests are pretty great, sometimes liver enzymes but nothing to worry about, however, I have a very low ceruloplasmin which the doctors say it's nothing. I had tests to see if I have any Wilson's disease but it was negative.

By the way, I was doing a training two years ago, and my CPK went up to 300,000.. YES I KNOW, was in a hospital for a week, fortunately nothing happened but I thought it might be another thing to mention.

What should I do? You have something better to suggest? I really need help cuz I tried almost anything.
So as you see can see I really can't eat much food. ( I eat teff,splent bread, white rice, grilled turkey and fish.. thats it, everything else isnt good and even what I eat still causes for symptoms..)
Thank you,
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