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8 yr old daughter - fecal incontinence while swimming

I am reaching out to this to this forum as my wife and I are at our wits end.  Our lovely 8 year old daughter, who is perfectly normal in every way other than the fact that whenever we take her swimming she, unknowingly poops in her swim diaper.  Most of the time it's just a small amount and we've tried everything we can - from making her try to use the bathroom before and during swimming, have tried to reward her for not doing it, but I just don't think she can control it or is aware of it happening at the time.  We've been told she will grow out of it, but that was years ago.  Our pediatrician has no answer and the GI doctor we took her too said everything was working normally, that she is somewhat constipated even though she is going regularly and has a redundant colon.  Does anyone have experience, advice, our resources with prior experience with this sort of thing?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thx
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