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A GI challenge for the community! Who can solve this?

Hello, thanks for reading. Here is the issue:

I'm 28 athletic in great health dont drink dont smoke. Digestion and stool were flawless til about 6 weeks ago I had the flu, knocked me down pretty good also gave me a sinus infection for which I took amoxiclav 850 for about 5 days. During the end of that flu week stools started to become thin, smelly and urine too.

2 weeks later got fever and chills for a few days (relapse maybe) but got better. Stools were still thin sticky and smelly.

Week after that woke up on a sat night vomited quite a bit, fever chills again. Was fed up went to the ER they did blood tests, urine tests...everything was perfect. Had a squeezing pain in stomach and lower abdomen for about 5 days and that went away (maybe bad luck food poisoning)  

Went to my primary care got some stool samples for c diff, parasites, wbc, etc..all negative. Got a GI appointment the next day luckily,but  he just said that my system was "out of wack" threw me some probiotics and I was out the door.

10 days have gone by since then. I've been taking probiotics, sometimes digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar, lots of fluids, vit d, lots of fibre (ground flax, sprouted rice) and my stool tonight was once again narrow strong bad smell and sticky. I also have a lot of muscle weakness, haven't lost much weight but any exercise makes me shaky like I have low blood sugar type feeling. No libido either.  

Called my GI doc today he said take some imodium (Thanks buddy) and that's where we stand.

ANY ideas are welcome. Thanks!
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What probiotics are you taking? How many strains? How many live cultures?
Not that it helps now, but always take probiotics when taking antibiotics. And try to avoid antibiotics if at all possible.
It sounds to me like your flora is out of whack, and possibly some yeast overgrowth. If you are taking a strong probiotic and its not helping you may need to try a candida cleanse to get rid of the yeast overgrowth. You can try some caprylic acid, as that helps beat down that annoying yeast.
Sad thing is, it could just take a while for your digestive system to regular once again. One bout of the flu, or food poisoning, or antibiotics use can throw off your gut for months.
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Hello all. I'm new on this forum. Recently I had endoscopy done. The results stated I have Antrum gastritis. Biopsy showed as "gastric mucosa"  has anyone ever heard of this or have it?  I've been looking up on Internet seems to be scary as well different answers. So I thought would ask you all  thanks
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Eliminating gluten from your diet would rule out Celiac Disease. It only takes a day or two to notice a difference.  CD produces so many symptoms and different in everyone. Should try.
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