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A little scared and could use advice/support

Here is my situation. Two years ago all of a sudden I was no longer able to swallow. No other symptoms except for it felt like my entire throat was closing up (muscles tight). I couldn't even stand the feeling of something touch my neck or to move it. It cleared up with in a month. 3 Months later I ended up in the ER with sever pain going from right below my sternum up to my shoulder. I have had ekg's, cardiac cta's, event monitors all of which ruled out the heart. I had a complete barium swallow, dumping test (forget the name), xrays and cts of abdomen, upper gi. The only thing they found with those were mild GERD and gastritis. I was prescribed Zegerid (after failed attempts on other meds) and it still didn't help. Eventually it subsided to where I was only have pain once a month (this might also be because I was on constant pain medication for other reasons).

Recently I have been taken off the medicine that helps with pain and my symptoms are back. I feel like my esophogus (from right below my sternum up into my adams apple) is stuffed with cotten. Most of the time it doesn't burn but it just feels like I am full and my chest tight. The fullness is so bad that often times I feel as though I can't breathe and feel like I want to vomit to get rid of whatever feels like it is stuck. I am horribly nauseated but have not vomited yet. I have no trouble eating food (it all goes down well). Sometimes I get horrific pains in my upper abdomen that is only relieved if I lay down or try to fall asleep - only to wake up and feel it all over again. I have had a taste in my mouth like I was drinking battery acid. While I am feeling all of this, I feel lightheaded, dizzy/blurry eyes, and feel shaky. I just generally do not feel well. I lose all energy. After a full day of a horrible "attack" the next day I am in the bathroom with awful, painful bowel movements which are very watery.

I am on prescription Prilosec 40mg a day and also take pepcid ac every day with it- still no relief. I really have not found any triggers and I have paid great attention to what I do and eat. I have an appointment with my gastro beginning of February but until then, I am getting nervous about what this is. I'm wondering, does the lightheaded, dizziness and nausea have anything to do with GERD or Gastritis? Any ideas on what is going on that might ease my mind. This gets so bad that I'm starting to have major anxiety over the whole thing.

I thank anyone for their help and responses.
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wow,sounds just like my life!,,,i get all the same things,damn the same tests,and then some!
no one ever found **** about it either.
i think its got something to do with gullbladder or pancreas not working right,,,something,though tests show nothing wrong.
maby you should also have then check for crohns disease,or h phlori
thats a kinda stomach bacterial infection that tends to go undetected for some time,and often hard to cure.
and YES anxiety will make you dizzy felling too,i get that also,,but if im calm,,,i do alright after a day or two.
stress from not knwing will drive you nuts!,,believe me i know!
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Thanks for responding,

I have already been tested for h phlori and that was negative. I have also had multiple tests done on my gallbladder which all say is fine too. I do know I have irritable bowel and have a history of diverticulitis, celiacs disease as well as lactose intollerance. I'm sure at one point my gallbladder will go bad as my mother, her sister, my grandmother and my great grandmother have all had it removed! Who knows, I guess I am doomed to have stomach problems. I am going to suggest, once I get to see my gastro in february to do a lower gi series as perhaps there is something going on there.

I do have to agree that the anxiety of not knowing what is wrong while you are experiencing horrific pain in crazy. I know that there is probably nothing seriously wrong but the waiting and anxiety associated with it is almost sometimes worse than the pain and discomfort.

If I find any thing out, I'll be sure to post it. Perhaps it could give you some help or lead you in the right direction for figuring out the problem.

Good luck to you and thank you again for responding.
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