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have had adomal pain for two weeks or more. I have had a hysto and gallbadder surgrey removal five years ago. I also hav had appedix removed.
Adomal pain is very high when walking, standing, or sitting. Adomal pain is on leftside up under ribs goes all the way down on leftside. have had edscopy in the past two days. I have seen a Gi. I have also had Ct done, xray and blood work done.
I need helping figure out what is wrong.
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Have they done an eus to look at your pancreas?  Often pancreas issues will not show up on ct scan but minimal changes can be seen with an eus.  
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Thank you for responding to my question. I have never heard of a EUS what is it? I did not think about looking into the pancreas, I guess I will be doing some more research.
I saw the OBGYN again and we are also talking about removing my left ovary because I have cyst on my left ovary.  But the pain is still on the upper left side.
I thought the other day I might have passed a stone. The funny thing is no one thought about kindney stones. Which I have had in the past. This pain is not like the kindey stones.
Well Thank you for the information and I will check into the pancreas stuff.  
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The pancreas is on the upper left.  An eus is an endoscopic ultrasound.  They put a tube down your throat while you are sedated or asleep and take pictures of your pancreas.  Almost like endoscopy procedure but with pictures of pancreas.  I dont think its the ovary cyst.   A kidney stone can be a possibility.  I did have some  bad mid flank pain when I passed a tiny stone.  It hurt like 2 weeks before i passed it.   I would consider getting both things checked  Have your stools been normal?
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