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ALT & AST Level

I have recently gone for a full body check up and the Liver function test result shows
ATL 58, AST: 34, GGT 41, total bilirubin : 1.6  (past result 2007 , ATL : 36, AST: 25, GGT : 38, total bilirubin 1.3 )
i am a little alarm and puzzled, as i took tradtional chinese medicince two days before i go for the test was fasting.
The doctor suggested that the results could due to the TCM i took. and recommended a Ultrascan. the ultra scan result was not out as yet.
Please advise if the level are normal and what does the level tell us about our level?

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Hi Alan1234:

I'm so sorry you are so anxious about your blood tests.  I am not a doctor and know nothing about medicine but here are some links that might help you understand elevated liver function tests:


There is also an amazing site that allows you to look up the meanings of your own labs online: http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/cbc/glance.html.

Just in case, here are a couple of links that might help you investigate the biliary system:
http://www.depmed.ualberta.ca/fpg/english.html; and

God bless, Godspeed and good luck!

All the best,

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