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Abdominal Issues & Dizziness & Fatigue

Hi all,

I am a 25 year old male and have been experiencing lower abdominal pains for the past year. Sometimes it would wake me up in the middle of the night with a searing pain usually in the lower left side of the abdomen (LLQ). This would happen chronically. Now, my stomach makes constant gurgling noises and feels as though there is an increase in flatulence.

Lately, I have been experiencing straining while going to the bathroom and alternating between diarrhea and constipation. Also, my stomach feels as though it is protruding out more. In addition, I now have been experiencing severe dizziness over the past couple of weeks along with chronic fatigue. The dizziness feels as though I am rocking on a boat and is felt most when I get up to walk from sitting or lying down, but is constant throughout the day and seemingly worse in the afternoon or before bed. It is affecting my daily work at my desk job. Furthermore, I feel as though I have an increased sensitivity to light and inability to concentrate (brain fog?) as well as having problems finding the right words. At times, my eyes begin to burn and feel very dry and heavy.I also notice that I become extremely fatigued after eating a meal or right after a bowel movement.

I have tried going on gluten and wheat free diets and dairy free, for about two weeks and have not seen any symptoms diminishing.  

I have had a colonoscopy, ultrasound, CBC including blood work for thyroid, kidney, liver, hepatitis, HIV, B12, Iron, Gluten, stool-culture and parasite tests all with no findings.

The only finding I've had is an x-ray supporting that I was constipated.

Please help as I feel as though I am at the end of my rope as to what could be causing this and I feel as though I am progressively becoming worse.

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Did the doctors make a scotch tape test? This test is commonly forgotten. Most GPs think that a certain parasite called pinworm/threadworm only infects  children and toddlers. Pinworm does not show up on a normal parasite test. (95% false negative)
Typical symptoms are: fatige (brain fog), bad sleep and night sweats, increasing problems over the day (worms are nightactive), weight loss, nausea and or vomiting, bloating, Ds or constipation, sometimes even anemia, stabbing pain left side of the belly button, and sometimes itchy bottom.
If you think you have them, dont bother to go to doctor if he doesnt want to make the test. Just buy some mebendazole (vermox), take it for three days with fatty meals (avoid sugar and starch, please) (40g of fat is needed). then, after 18 days without meds, take medicine again, and repeat the whole thing one more time, (three rounds of medication). During that time, wash underwear at 95C, exchange twice a day, exchange bedding twice a week and also boil, and wash hands with hot water, soap and a nailbrush to avoid the parasite eggs. good luck!
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Hey Sechmeth,

I have not tried the parasite route after my doctor assured me that since the stool culture and parasite test came back negative it wouldn't be worth it. However, after reading other people's experiences, I learned that the stool testing can be inaccurate and/or should be performed multiple times over a certain period of time to increase its efficacy. I will definitely give this a try since I am virtually willing to try anything at this point!

Thank you!
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I also have suffered the same as you.
I finally found a naturopath who has diagnosed both gluten intolerance, and dairy intolerance.

Try going gluten free and dairy free for two weeks at least.

You will feel like a new person....I promise.

I thought I was dying...seriously.

Good luck....let me know.
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I'd add dairy to the previous list & all wheat. It could be food intolerances. Keep a diary of how you feel. Avoid all preservatives, fast food, colas, sodas & sugar. Give it time since you won't know over night. It's sounds drastic but the rewards outweigh the temporary inconvenience.
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Have you had your liver checked?
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Hey, sorry about your experience. I have similar experience like yours. The stomach rumbling is gone but I still have constant dizziness. Did you finally cure yours? if you did please get back to me. I will really appreciate.
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Know this is old but may help someone.  Constipation on X-ray could also be parasites causing partial blockage and the eye symptoms may be that they have traveled systemically.  Western doctors are ignorant on most parasites.  You have to educate yourself.  Read the medical studies and help yourself. Stool tests find less than one percent of parasites. Unless they know what they are looking for, blood test useless as well.  Drs look for travel history and high eosinophils...don't need either to be infested.  With today's mixed societies and the fact many parasites actually downregulate the immune system to survive, their logic is flawed but not changing anytime soon.  Good luck to anyone in the U.S. with such issues.  You are genuinely on your own.  
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