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Abdominal Lump

I have a lump in my abdomen mid way between my sternum and belly button.  It is about the size of a small orange and I also have pain on the left hand side of my back just below the shoulder blade which I do not know if this is associated.
In February I have an ultra sound scan  which drew no results as the radiologist could actually feel the lump but it was too deep to pickup.  He suggested and X -ray,  When I asked my doctor about this result he said that I just had a hard lump.
I have been back to the doctors this morning.  He examined me and suggest an operation is necessary as it is either a Hernia or a Lipoma.  In addition I have been burping a lot - not just after meals.  When lying face down I can almost feel this lump being pushes toward my back - its like sleeping on a Tennis ball.  As anyone out there had a similar problem.  Must say my doctor has done little to dismiss my concern
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chronic belching and breathlessness and lump in centre of upper abdomen mine feels like a peach pith..doctor is sending me to ultrasound scan how did you get on?
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Has anyone had any results as to what it is bc I have been experiencing the same thing about as big as a baseball
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