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Abdominal Pain with Oily, Sticky Stools?

From the beginning of December 2020, I have suffered with extreme upper abdominal pain right in my centre that wraps around to my back. It started quite suddenly, after a week and a half of a runny stomach (diarrhoea). When the pain started, I immediately booked a doctors appointment. There was no physical examination, I explained my symptoms (nausea, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and abdominal pain - especially after eating) to him and he said there’s a possibility I have stomach ulcers and/or gastritis (caused by H. Pylori). I was prescribed Amoxicillin in conjunction with Metronidazole to take for one month, as well as Lancap. The pain after taking these were unbearable. Possibly because I couldn’t eat much without having pain and vomiting afterwards. The antibiotics were not helping my nausea, I saw another doctor who swapped out Metronidazole for Trustan (esomeprazole). I later developed a kidney infection that needed to be resolved too. Fast forward to March of 2021, after several different changes to my medication, I was admitted to the emergency ward for a gastroscopy. No ulcers were found, but there was evidence of me refluxing and a high amount of acid in my stomach. I was put on Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium) for the next 2 months with no resolve. I had done blood and stool tests for liver, kidney and pancreatic function. Everything came back normal, except there were oil droplets found in my stool. Something I have noticed, however, in the past few months is that my stools have been stickier and paler than normal. I’ve had bowel movements where mucus was clearly visible, sometimes white stool. I haven’t experienced much abdominal pain since I stopped the medication. Sometimes it would peak on my upper left side and spread to my middle. But my main concern is my stool as it continues to have a sticky, peanut butter texture to it with undigested food, no matter what I eat. I try to avoid fatty foods for the most part and was eating plain, unseasoned foods that will not hurt my tummy for the past couple of months. I have also been avoiding milk for the most part as it seems to make my mucus thicker, and I’ve been really struggling with excessive mucus and phlegm build up since I fell ill. Could there be something the doctors may have missed? I have been put on anxiety medication, but that’s all they say they can do.
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Your symptoms are so similar to mine.  After 20 years of suffering, failed gallbladder removed, pancreatitis, stabbing stomach pain, thyroiditis ect....  I was finally diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.  Essentially, I no longer produce sufficient enzymes to digest food.  It results in malabsorption and a host of other symptoms resulting from malnourishment. I was prescribed Creon.  It's an enzyme replacement that must be taken with every bite of food to avoid pain, oily / peanut butter / wierd stools or diarrhea. It's very expensive but there's no viable cheap alternative. You can get health products over the counter with enzymes *but* quality and dose consistency is not there.  The over the counter stuff can be harmful.
The only way to diagnose this is through a very specific type of stool test.   I hope this helps you get some kind of relief.
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I have the same problems but they have discovered hiatal hernia 3 cm(also 32 cm from incisors narrows at 35cm) , ulser 8mm with erythematous mucosa found in the entire stomach. Zline 32 cm from incisors . I have sle so weird unexplained (rare) inflammation in unusual locations is the norm. I was supposed to get my labs back 4 days ago and I'm still waiting.
Any thoughts?
Yes! They discovered a major hernia requiring extensive reconstruction. No MESH! It fails. Then I had to have a major reconstruction on my sphincter & lower bowel. Most ALL of my issues are directly traced to pharmaceuticals. All kinds of them for 35years of my life! Do not go only only those lab results. Or any one to infinity tests. I have had multiple major issues undiscovered until I was cut in to! I had to quit all pharmaceuticals with the exception of my pancreatic insufficiency enzymes, severe anxiety med, Omeprazole. Everything else was killing me. My conditions are all unmanaged now but tummy is getting better.

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