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Abdominal Pain

I have had upper abdominal pain for about 3 years now. Had 2 x CT scans. 2 x endoscopy, 2 x colonoscopys and Hida scan and many blood tests. The Hida scan showed 35% and I had my gallbladder out about 3 weeks ago but this have the same pain upper abdominal pain in the middle.. I feel like giving up.. So sick of the pain. What other tests should I have? I'm in Australia. ALso what is the safest pain relief I could take.
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Hi again.

Can anyone please suggest any other tests i should have? or what might be wrong


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Thanks for replying. Yeah the surgeon did say he couldnt guarantee it would help. But it was worth a try. Sometimes I do feel pain not often on the left or right of my lower back where my kidneys i guess are located. How do kidney problems cause upper abdominal pain?

I have had 2 ultrasounds already and have not shown anything up.

Would an ultrasound or CT scan show kidney problems? What test is recommend for this?  
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How about abdominal ultrasound?  Have you tried adding Metamucil to speed up digestion?  
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I have heard of kidneys causing similar problems as well as Sphincter of Odi disorder.

From another post on the site - A HIDA scan with CCK stimulation can measure the gallbladder ejection fraction.  The normal range would be between 35 and 75 percent.   If it is lower than 35 percent, then this may lead to gallbladder-related pain and removing the gallbladder can be considered.  However, this is no guarantee that this will help.
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