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Abdominal Pain

I am 20 years old and just had a son six months ago. For the last couple of days i been getting really bad abdominal pains. It comes and goes. It started off as minor cramping pains and now it seems to be getting worst. I dont know what it could be. I also been feeling a little dizzy and nauesous now that the pain is getting worst. It burns at my lower abdomen but it now has spead to a little above my belly button and hurts on my left and right side. What could it be and What should i do?
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hi elizebeth

Ur signs and symptom give an indication that u might be having either infection in ur lower abd now that can be either Urinary tract infection or Pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID) . Do u get burning micturation or any discharge from vagina.
It could also be kidney stones , ureteric colic .

U should drink lots of water and consult ur physician as soon as possible and don't neglect the symptoms.
take care ,
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Have your periods been normal since having your son?  Have you been having unprotected sex?  If you have, even if you haven't missed a period, take a pregnancy test or better yet...call your doctor.  It could be quite serious or it could be "nothing to worry about".  Better to be safe than sorry.
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