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Abdominal X-ray results

Received this response from the X-rays on the abdomen.  

"Distal half of the colon is moderately loaded with bowel content consistent with underlying constipation and there is mild gaseous distention of the hepatic flexure on the supiine film possibly secondary to the distal loaded colon. There is also very slight distention of some small bowel segments in the pelvis also considered to be secondary to the loaded colon. No radio dense calculus is seen.

Moderately loaded colon consistent with constipation. Slight gaseous distention of the hepatic flexure."

Slightly worried because the GP sent me to get a CT scan following cleaning of the colon with I will do in the next 2 weeks. Should i be worried?

Thank you in advance

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No.  They want to make sure that there isn't a physical problem that caused you to become so constipated. Eat easily digestible foods, fiber (not too much), plenty of water. See if there is a difference while waiting for your test.  I would be interested in knowing what your symptoms were prior to seeing your doctor.
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