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Abdominal discomfort, Constipation, Noisy/Gasy Stomach area, Bloating

I am a 22 year old male, 195lbs, 5' 11", muscular build... In the morning the pain is minor and as the day progresses bloating and discomfort increases, by bedtime it's quite uncomfortable... The area of concern is my lower left abdomen and occasionally reaches up my left side of my back. Towards the end of the day that area is "boiling" with gas and makes a lot of creeks and grunts. I feel like it is a flatulent building up to expel but it rarely reaches a point to where I feel like it will escape and if it does get close, very little leaves and the "gas bubble" retreats back up. Laying down helps but doesn't help expel the gas, just relieves discomfort. I use the elliptical nightly for 30 minutes and it seems to make the discomfort leave for a while.

I notice that I have a slightly "swollen" look to the front left of my bellybutton and down into my pelvis just above my testicles, mainly at my pubic hair line. The right side of my body feels healthy and normal.

I grew up on a poor diet (fast foods and a lot of junk) but have really turned around my habits since age 19 or so. I try to eat natural foods only... meats, grains, veggies (tomatos, lettuce, onion), and lots of fruit (bananas, grapes, & avocados). Also, a lot of water, Orange Juice, and skim milk. I've tried eliminating lactose but get little relief if any.

As a child I had somewhat severe constipation. I believe it was due to stress from an easily agitated father. I ate Metamucil and sometimes needed suppositories.

My poops are variable (sometimes dark, light, float, sink, hard, soft, diarrhea, narrow, or very girthy). When my diet is simple and filled with natural foods I have poops that equate to my food intake but the discomfort remains, although less severe. The feeling I get when I try to push makes me think I'm going to pop or burst the area of concern. I rarely feel I have a fully empty bowel and poop usually once a day, sometimes none. I picture a blockage in the intestines from the feeling I get but I really wouldn't know.

I have seen a GI doctor who suggested i take stool softeners and see what happens, no significant changes were observed, I haven't returned since (6 months). I've seen a Urologist who said I have varicose veins in my left testicle and wants to perform a CT scan on the abdomen. I'm hesitant to do so because I've had many ultrasounds for this issue as well as a CT scan (he is unaware of) earlier this year. Not to mention dental exams, and foot x-rays (for corrective surgery to my extremely flat feet, only did the procedure on the right foot, left is natural and flat)... The urologist asked if I urinate frequently and I hadn't really thought so but after paying attention to it I feel that I do more often than normal (8-12 times daily).

I have 3 great uncles who had prostate cancer, 2 of which died from it.

I am desperate for an answer to this issue, it's been years of discomfort and I want to feel normal again. I feel very restricted when moving at all, especially working out (which I love). I'm about to enter a Firefighter Academy in 6 months. Please any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for your time! :]

PS: I read an ad that says to take Eztra Virgin Siberian Pine Nut Oil relieves Gastritis & Peptic Ulcers (not sure if that's me but I'm ready to try). I prefer natural remedies over pharmaceuticals. THANK YOU!!!
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I am not sure buddy.  I get this problem sometimes here too.  I know it sounds horrible, but you might want the try a Fleet glycerin suppository.  That is what i use here and it works to help me empty well.  I am very actvie at my job, so when I dont feel empty, it affects my performance at work.
Since you are joining the firefighter academy, you might want to try these.  It helps because it works fast and no one can tell that you are taking 1 as well.
Drop me a line here, let me know if that helps.
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I can relate to this problem, i experience alot of noise from my stomach and abdomen and discomfort, but it doesn't sound like as much as you experience. I am 18 male and my diet was also poor, and still is now, i am working on fixing this issue now. In the mean time i have tried Peppermint Oil, this can relive discomfort and work as a natural antispasmodic remedy for the bowls which may help passing wind.

Although it didnt work for me entirely, i did see a slight improvement when i took these capsules, also i can narrow down bloating to when i drink alot of water, which is weird.

Another thing to try before bed maybe is some gut beneficial yoga, i have resorted to this and has proven to help relive gas, as for the constipation my symptoms remain constant but i have only just began trying yoga and im only a beginner.
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I know I'm a girl so I hope you're not embarressed or mind that I want you to know I can kind of relate.  I sufffer from severe constipation and severe abdominal pain too.  I had a series of tests done to figure out why and it turns out I have a slow transit large intestine meaning the stool does not move hardly through the entire colon and a small case of gastroparesis where my food doesn't digest or empty out of my stomach for up to 2 days.  The tests I had done were a sitz marker test where you take a pill full of markers an xray detects and you don't use any laxatives during the study..they take pictures every 3 days for about 12 days and see where the markers either leave the body or get stuck in a certain place.  In my case they were trailed everywhere.  I had a defecography test done to take a vivid picture of my intestines and such and also a rectal manometry test which I don't think in your case it sounds like you need.  Also a colonoscopy and an endoscopy were done too.  I hope everything works out for you and that you get some help, because I know stuff like this makes everyday life a lot more difficult.  Take care and I hope I helped in some way,..

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