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Abdominal discomfort getting worse

Hi all,
I have seen a few doctors regarding my condition and I'm currently under a treatment but it feels like they are just throwing ideas to see what it sticks. My problems started 2 months ago, one night when I woke up with some abdominal pain. I though it was from a fruit juice I drank on the empty stomach that evening. The following day though I had to leave the office because I felt my whole chest was blocked and I couldn't breath, shivering and just feeling bad all over my body. Went to my GP who diagnosed me with a gastroenteritis and gave me Omeprazol and some anti diarrhea drugs, although I didn't have any. Symptoms went away after a few days but I still remained with a lack of appetite and feeling bloated. I could stay 24 hours without eating and still not feeling hungry. Also I could eat anything and it didn't make me feel better or worse. Close to the holidays I started to have a little pain again and being afraid to not have another episode I went to another GP (mine was in holiday). She gave me blood tests and also some tests for gut flora based on stool samples. Everything came clean, except the gut flora which was a disaster: clostridium species were all over the place, lactobaccilius were almost nonexistent, blood and inflammattion markers were bad. She proposed me to see a gastroenterologist.  

I went to the hospital and the guy laughed at me saying that I was tricked to pay for that report which they never ask because it isn't reliable(?) for them. He proposed me though to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Not happy with it I went to another one who also didn't pay attention to that report. In the end I did the 2 investigations and no changes were detected, the biopsy showed a small inflammation, post infectious they said and type c gastritis. No food recommendation was given,just to eat moderate amounts.

My problem is that I'm feeling worse and worse: sometimes I wake up in the night with amazing head aches and during the day I also get some episodes of dizziness that I can hardly stand up or walk straight. During these episodes I also noticed some skin rashes, on my abdomen which go away the next day. I went back to my GP and told her my latest symptoms and she prescribed me again some PPI for 2 months together with some magnesium and B6 and probiotics with Lactobacillius plantarum. This was last week and on my own I also went on diet: toasted bread with some cheese in the morning and evening, and plain rice or pasta at lunch. I was feeling quite well until this weeekend when I went to a company training. I only ate some fish and potatoes and 8 hours later I was crawling in my bed from head and abdominal pain. In 2 months I bought a whole bag of pills for all the possible symptoms and yet I feel like I'm back to square one. Eating is like a Russian roulette, my energy levels are at minimum and I have the feeling that even for doctors it's like a guessing game. So any directions would be much appreciated
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What is your age and sex?  Have you been traveling?  Have you had a tick bite?  Have you reacted to fruit or fruit juice before, or is this new for you?  Does Celiac disease or autoimmune disease run in your family?  Do you drink coffee?  Any reaction to that?  Do you eat organic fruits and veggies and meats, or processed foods and fast food?  Do you have a history of migraines, or is this new for you?  If you notice docs don't ask a bunch of questions like this and more, well that's what's wrong with medicine today.  
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Get tested for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) via lactulose breath test. Potatoes would make this condition worse. In fact, all carbohydrates feed this condition so rice and pasta would have to go. Try eating a paleo diet for a week to see if symptoms improve (no grains or beans and eliminate fruit that week). If they do, you most likely have SIBO.
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