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Abdominal pain bloating sweating

My husband has been in the emergency room three times now with the following symptoms: severe abdominal pain, bloating (no gas), excessive sweating, and vomiting. He has a history of heart problems. The hospitals do an EKG and send him home. The first attack was 18 mos ago and was  followed by an attack a year later. The next attack was a few months later. These are infrequent, but very scary--and expensive. Both his blood pressure and heart rate drop during these attacks. We can't associate the attacks with any food. Two attacks came several hours after breakfast and the other at the end of a light meal. We eat very healthy with no fatty meals whatsoever. The nurses indicated that gallbladder inflammation was a possibility. Someone else suggested a drug interaction?? Any suggestions?
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Have you investigated vagus nerve problems? That can cause a drop in BP, sweating and slow heart rate?The vagus nerve controls many autonomic systems including the digestive system, breathing and heart rate. Have your doctor test his blood pressure lying, standing and sitting. Something really minor can set it off like coughing or sneezing.
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His cardiologist mentioned the vagus nerve, but referred us to a gastro for follow up. His bp is low, but stable. We take it often after his heart attack and bypass a couple of years ago. The hospital blood test shows elevated liver enzymes and a high white blood cell count. Saw the gastro specialist yesterday and he is schedule for an ultrasound of his gallbladder/pancreas tonight. The hospitals rule out heart attack and send him home w/o determining the cause--three times. Does anyone know if cholesterol meds can cause gallstones?
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