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Abdominal pain

A 42 year old woman.Early sep was experiencing recurrent pain on upper right/mid abdomen, below rib cage. Felt like throbbing/crampy pain as if spasms. Also experiencing heavy perspiration at night only and woken nightly with the pain, feeling of tighthness, spasm in abdomen and need pass wind.
Knowing nothing about anatomy I feel the worst pain is as though caused by a twist, tightness in my bowel or  inflammed area that when wind or stool passes through it is sore. I have no weight loss, not passing blood, no vomiting, no diarhea, no constipation. Bowel movement as normal  -daily though noticed smaller stools  and on occasion a little mucous. Friends suggested IBS but others have said IBS never causes night symptoms?

(To add -earlier In July felt had strained or pulled something in upper abdomen in straining to pass a stool and also aggravated it  same day bending forward for something - visited Dr and suggested pulled or torn muscle which take 6-8 weeks to heal).

anyway in going back in Sep Dr referred fme or abdominal ultrasound which came back clear on checking liver, gall bladder, aorta and i guess kidney/pancreas?  Bloods for liver function, hormones clear.
Dr thought might be an ulcer so prescribed Omprezole 20mg daily.Have been on for over 2 weeks and don't feel has made much difference in fact feel caused worse night pain with stomach making lots of noise,is if rumbling/spasm in my stomach or bowel. If I was taking this medication & didn't have an ulcer what symptoms would you get?
Still being woken every hour from 12-4 with sweat and spasm type pain. I feel posture and bending or leaning forward pain is worse as if pinching something but to be honest pain  fairly regular, just severity changes
Have been taking paracetamol, buscopan hasn't had any affect.
Waiting list 8 weeks for gastr consult so have arranged privately to see consult on Tue
Anyone any suggestions
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Have been eating before 7pm but will try anything so last meal at 5pm is worth a shot.
Have changed diet significantly in last 6 weeks but seen no improvement - banished diet cola, tea, any fatty food or milk products, have eaten more fruit, brown bread etc. Will keep persevering as guess better for my overall health anyway. Thanks for your response
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You say you had your Gall Bladder checked as that was my first thought, is it diet related? do some foods trigger it the Pain in the night. Do you eat in the evening, try not to eat after about 5pm some foods do cause pain if it is gall bladder cholic, and some help, if you think it could be google it there is a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat .Good Luck hope you get some answers soon.
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