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Abdominal upper right quadrant pain, just below ribs

I too have upper right quad pain just below my ribs. I am a male, 46yrs old 6ft and weigh 175 lbs. My pain comes and goes and has for about 6 months. It is not severe pain, but at times is more annoying than anything. It feels like there is something in there pinching me. I went to an internal med MD in July. He ran blood tests that all came back fine. He sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound which showed only "healthy" organs. No dilated bile duct, no gall stones, liver enzymes were in normal range. It is 4 months later and the pain is still happening. When I sit, or bend at the waist, I can feel the pain. It is not a deep, internal pain, but seems close to the surface, just to the right of that little cartlidge/bone that splits the rib cage...just to the right of the stomach. What the heck could it be? My MD put me on Nexium, thinking maybe it is peptic in nature, but 60 days of Nexium and still the pain persists. I am freaking out because my dad passed away this past March due to a rare appendix cancer (pseudomixoma peritonei) that several MD's could not find, nor diagnose properly once they found it, another story in itself...so you know how the paranoia sets in. I don't have a lot of faith in MD's right now. Anyone out there have any input? Can the liver be screwed up for this long and still avoid being detected? Can inflamation be detected by ultrasound? It feels like it's burning, not like heartburn, but a firey sensation...hard to describe. Someone, please help me settle my fly away brain...thanks.
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I have just completed one of the most agonising weeks in my life.Like many other posters on this site, i have been plagued by URQ discomfort also accompanied by upper stomach discomfort, bloating, belching and loss of appetite.Its sad to say but at some point i began to suspect the worst.The doctors i first saw thought nothing of it and prescribed antacids.They did not work.After doing numerous blood work I got fed up and saw another doctor who referred me to an Gastro who told me that he would not comment until I had an endoscopy done.It was done.Almost everything was negative save for some slight irritation.That was a breath of fresh air thank God! I now have tonnes of medication just to deal with the symptoms.For all those undergoing the same, take heart.
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The burning sensation is exactly like mine!!!  Yay!  Mayo says it's more than likely a chronic muscle injury due to incorrect weight-lifting movements.....I'm guessing you lift free weights to improve your upper body.  Get someone to watch your technique to see if you're doing it correctly...otherwise, dunno....
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I am 62..and am in the forum of indentions on my head, neurology.  I too live in florida..where there are plenty of chemtrails. Here is what I found:'ve been on this forum for several months..I think we all have morgellons ...which includes Nanno Technology parasites.  There are 10's of Thousands of children and adults afflicted with this new unresearched or undiscovered affiction.  I have been treated this last few weeks and am getting much better.  My doc doesn't have all the answers ...but a blood test with the microscope showed all the parasites.  If any one has questions, I will give them  information.  Our doctors are not familiar with Nanno Technology  parasites...they are being used to kill the real bugs, pests in corn, cotton and wheat fields...all over the world and can nest in the cotton clothing...you can breath them into your nose...they look like a piece of pepper and very very tiny.  But they can bite..kind of like a tiny dart....They link together with fibers inside your body, kink of like the picture below of "new gene discoveries". They are a cross between Garden "scabies and spidersWEBS" I think they come from Chemtrails.  This is an assault on Humanity, animals and mother nature...
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in Florida: my story (I'm on the Indention forum in Neurology: 've been on this forum for several months..I think we all have morgellons ...which includes Nanno Technology parasites.  There are 10's of Thousands of children and adults afflicted with this new unresearched or undiscovered affiction.  I have been treated this last few weeks and am getting much better.  My doc doesn't have all the answers ...but a blood test with the microscope showed all the parasites.  If any one has questions, I will give them  information.  Our doctors are not familiar with Nanno Technology  parasites...they are being used to kill the real bugs, pests in corn, cotton and wheat fields...all over the world and can nest in the cotton clothing...you can breath them into your nose...they look like a piece of pepper and very very tiny.  But they can bite..kind of like a tiny dart....They link together with fibers inside your body, kink of like the picture below of "new gene discoveries". They are a cross between Garden "scabies and spidersWEBS" I think they come from Chemtrails.  This is an assault on Humanity, animals and mother nature...
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Are you any better now did the Dr. ever find anything? how are you coping, You can leave a message at   ***@****,
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Jamie, I'm in the same boat as you. 42 y/o Male same EXACT pain you're having. I haven't had any tests yet. Lemme know if your pain has ever resolved. I REALLY hope your pain has totally disappeared!

Here's my email addy Bro

Hemmlocke316 at yahoo *******

Take care!

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Did you every figure out what that was?  My symptoms are exactly like yours!  I.e. the getting worse when you walk around, relief when putting pressure on the area, and better with sleep...
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I have right side pain for past 2 years. Had my gallbladder out, still pain. Had an angiolipoma on my rib cage just about bra line right side, had that removed still pain. Came down with cdiff from antibiotic use and pain got worse. Very hard to get rid of but also prevalent in our community. Now on flagile, vancomycin taper and lots of benibiotic probiotic. When pain is better, cdiff symptoms are better. Never really gone. I've come to associate pain getting worse as cdiff coming back. Ulcerative colitis, inflammation of the colon causes pain. Feels like someone pushing on my rib from inside. Even painful to touch on outside, not as bad. Only way to know is cdiff stool test. Took doctors almost a year to do the test. Btw, acid rescuers for stomach make cdiff worse as stomach acid helps keep cdiff in check. You can get it from community or taking antibiotics, kills natural flora in colon.
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I too have had under the right rib pain for several years.  Sometimes it makes me nausious.  The pain spreads across my mid-section under my ribs and makes me bloated.  Hurts.  Dr. put me on Omeprazole.  I take it for about 14 days then go off.  It is still tickling me though up under that right rib.  Mother and her Mother had their gallbladder out.  I don't have stones, but have not been tested to see how it is squirting.  Guess that's my next test.  Ugh!!!!
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problems after gallbladder removal, I've had all the test MRi, ERCP  ultra sound,Catscan , Endoscope,Barriam test, straight shot all the way down no blockage.etc. The docs find nothing, Must be scar tissue,final answer. Pain pills and home. This October  will be 1 full year of extreme pain. I have Doctors bill up the yang yang, Thank GOD for Medi-care. I feel so bad using all that money from Medi-care. Pain and or pulling down from under rib cage, right side, hip to the back, sometimes I can't stand up so severe,also been to the emergency hospital they find nothing. Was planning a trip to GERMANY to visit daughter, now can't go. Its miserable.
If anyone has an answer to my problem plse call. 559-471-5301, th u
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Thanks so much for sharing and  all the great insights and info. you've given  here. I just developed this symptom a few months ago for a week or  two and now today it started again. I was tested  last year and  my pcp Dr. found that my calcium and vit D levels are low. He does prescribe me a prescription vit D3 off and on . when i have the vit D 3 script,I take one pill a  week on the same day,so I choose sunday. I take them for about 4 to 6 wks. Then, when I'm off them for a while,I've been retested and  the findings are the dame ,low vit D and calcium. My Dr. also had me buy  viactiv calcium chews with vit D and k. when using those,I'm to take two a day;one in the morning and one at night,12 hrs apart,so that I get the recomended amounts of calcium  with the benefit of vits D and K.  I've been disabled since spring of 2003,when after having IBD  since march of 1988,I kept getting worse  again,but now with lower back pain,left leg sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue immune disfunction,chronic epstein barr  virus,chronic gastritis(had gastritis since I was 5 yrs old and was always constipated as a child and teen),I had untreated  ADD as a 10 yr old and think I still have it, hypothyroid,nausea,migrains,multiple chemical sensitivities, low level asthma,lactose intolerance,bad bone density,going through menopause,depression,gerd and many overlapping symptoms,illnesses, medicine side effects and misc.     And,my dentist says  the reason my teeth are decaying ,chipping and falling out,is due to dry mouth caused  by my medications. I've lost 6 teeth within the past 6 months and some fillings and parts of teeth too. One of which is my right front tooth,and the two beside those and some others.  It seemed to me that everytime I'd go to the dentist,especially to have my teeth cleaned,and if when i was there  my dentist didn't fix the small loose teeth,fillings and cavities right away,they's get worse. Not wanting to blame anyone,but,I've watched it up, three of the teeth I've lost,were right after I'd come home  from a cleaning within a day to a week afterwards. White fillings won't stay in either. I wonder if there's more than one reason why I'm literally loosing my teeth.like those dreams  you often have of your teeth falling out: mine actually are.  I'm now going to have to have oral surgery in a hospital about 2 hrs away from my home,due to dentists  and oral surgeons not wanting to accept my  UPMC  medicare advantage  special needs plan and/or pa medicaid,since I'm low income and a duel eligeble patient.  It's always like I'm chashing my tail,or constantly putting out fires,or trying to with all my medical problems.  I'm worried about going under ,being put asleep  to have all my teeth taken out,then get dentures.  I didn't do well with a laproscopic gallbladder surgery  in spring of 1993,when i was 33 yrs old,in Palmerton ,Pa hospital. I had complications,was in alot of pain and  was in the hospital hooked up to tubes and ect. for several days,and then after a week ,I was discharged. then,to find out that there wasn't anything wrong with my gallbladder afterall! So, why on earth did they remove it then? They'd done a prior  sona gram or ultrasound. They should have just closed me up,if they were in there and knew it was a healthy gallbladder. This might have been a case of unneeded surgery.    I'm not sure ,if i survive the oral surgery,if and how I'll adapt to and afford comfortable dentures. I don't own a vehicle ,so i must depend on others and pay them to take me to my dr's appointments and ect.                          Sorry to go on and on,but  I'm wondering If I'll ever be able to get out of bed,for  several hrs at a time,without alot of pain and other symptoms. I need  and would like to find  out how to get a better "Quality of Life"../ Then,My ex and some others,are on me for having to take prescription narcotics and going to a pain management clinic. I was on tylenol since 1988 for my ibd cramps and leg pain. Dr's tell me it could have a bad effect on my liver and heart,if i take tylenol. I weaned myself off all narcotics for 4 to 6 months in spring and summer of 2011 and took  OTC Aleve liquid gel caps. They did help some,but they also ended up making my upper stomach much worse too. So, when I'd gone back to a pain management center in  Aug or sept. of 2011,they'd told me that Aleve is very hard on the upper stomach. So, I'm dammed if I do,and dammed if I don't.      Again,so sorry to go on and on,but without going into some detail and explaining most of everything I'm dealing with every day and night,it's hard to get the total picture of me and my medical probs.   Don't get me wrong,I know there are people out there much worse off than i am.And I'm very greatfull for all my blessings as well as the blessings of others.     If anyone  has any insights,info or comments,please feel free to  post them. God Bless,Meldy
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This remedy seems to cut to the core...God does ask us to put our lives into His hands...takes the stress away like wading up a piece of paper and throwing it in the trash.
Good God...:)!
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I am having the same symptoms for a few weeks now and it is mind blowingly annoying ...irritable pain URQ just under rib cage radiates and follows to scapular region in back, sometimes dull, sometimes sharp and more bothersome at night time.  Also some indigestion and gas at times (my diet isn't all that great but I try), I am slightly overweight but no where close to obese (20 pounds left over from 2 year old), I am age 42, feels like a racket ball is under my rib at times and new the last 2 days is itching at the site URQ.  I am female, a nurse and relate to the drill of test after test but I have decided to skip all that and not even see a doctor right now (not anxious for them to want to remove any of my parts or insert objects into them) and go for the raw garlic/hot tea and flaxseed gel caps.  Wish me luck.  If this works out maybe I will learn to quit smoking and eat even more natural and organic foods because I do believe the variety of processed foods we eat are slowly killing us all.
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Have you found out any results because it sounds like what my son is having, he has every test you can imagine and nothing,  The catscan reports inflamation and fluid in that area, but they still can not figure it out.  He is 23 years old and is depressed, misreable and sleeps all the time.  He is thinking the worst also.  Please HELP US figure this out.
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Has anyone considered that it could be chronic lyme disease.    I have had the same right sided pain for months.   2 emergency visits, cat scans, hide a scans, sonograms, sec.  All blood work is fine.   I did go on antibiotic 2 times and felt much better, my psoriasis on my palms completely disappeared but came back 3 weeks later upon stopping the treatment.   I just finished another round of antibiotic and felt great til I stopped now the pain is back and the hand is itching again which means the skin condition is returning.   Everyone is puzzled.   I am doing holistic treatment for lyme disease no even though I tested negative the last two tests.   If anyone comes up with an answer please post ASAP.   It is making me nervous.  So afraid at this point that they are missing something and this bug is getting stronger against the antibiotic and will take  over some day.  N
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NO51O, I recommend you watch this video and talk to your doctor:

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I had the same problem for over a year I went and had a hida scan found out my gallbladder wasn't functioning properly. Doesn't empty properly. to fix the problem I eat less fat I did not get it removed cuz that causes you to get heavy & sometimes some people still have phantom pain after removal.
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I had my spleen removed in 1980  due to being a goalkeeper on a marine/navy soccer team and rolling onto my right side to make the save. this was in 1979, the surgeon told I was lucky my spleen did NOT rupture because they found 2 severly weak spots on the spleen, Since then I have In 1980 I was totally open from sternum to 3 inches below my belly button I expected major scar tissue, since then they have had to go in 2 more times for scar tissue removal. Could this be more scar tissue given all of the tests have come back negative, they did a contrast CT and it did NOT reveal anything but on palpation the hospital doctor could feel it.  I need help, any sugestions?
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Have you considered bodywork?
I would recommend Egosque,MELT and massage.
These can eliminate pain and work to hydrate Myofascial.
These helped me when I had  un-diagnosed upper right quadrant pain for over a year. Health seeking came from my suffering and by the grace of God I have improved my health in many ways and have learned better how to listen to my body. No doctor or even close loved ones live with your body 24/7 and no person can solve your issue better than you can.
I pray you get rid of your pain and get blessed in the process.
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Fow few days I have persistent pain in the right side just below ribs, painfull on touch area about 2 inchhes in diameter close to center. 2 months ago I had CABG replacement surgery. Another problem groin hernia. Do you have an idea, what it could be
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I too am suffering from these symptoms and after reading the first page of comments (many comments) I came across a post about SOD, Sphincter of Oddi. I have had my gallbladder removed in 2002 and have suffered from abdominal pain ever since. I am currently being treated for acid reflex but even that doesn't do anything for the pain under the right side of my rib area. Research symptoms of SOD and you will be surprised on how this will copy many of the issues you are dealing with. As with everything this is not the answer to all but I'm sure it is for many as it is in my opinion for myself. I am making a doctor appointment for verify and although I have been let down by our western medicine doctors for years it seems that God does answer prayers and yes he uses those he sees fit as vessels.
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I am also hving right side abdomen pain for abt 1year.after went to doctor(5doctors,2 gastro,3 medicine) some found it to be gastric ulcer,one liver problem,one found IBS.blood test,amylse,syrume,LFT,CT scan,upper endoscopy,colonoscopy,ultra sound all done.But they are not confirmed what is happening to me!now i still feel the pain sometimes.So i am now on very strict diet,boil...left drinking ,meat,milk ,high protein.So all of you if you are also tired of going to doctors i ask them to make a habit of very selected diet.
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I am a 53 yo Male that has had RUQ pain for 5 years! Gallbladder removed in 2010 for insufficient empting, Ultrasounds, CT all neg except for fatty Liver. All Blood work normal, I have High Cholesterol. SOD was discussed and I tried a anti-spasmatic drug that did not work. I have had colonoscopy and Upper endoscopy with some erosion in stomach probably caused by NASID. I ma getting tired of this pain. any ideas??
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That is the same thing Im dealing with.....I don't have a clue whats going on ...went to hospital and they said stomach bug or food prison...but it was really bad that time ..most of the time it just feels like a really bad heart burn with pain ...feeling nausea and I have the diarrhea .......
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I have been suffering with pain right under my ribs right side, all organs are fine, no infections, doctors cannot find anything wrong but now that I read your post I pressed deep right under my rib and found a tender spot.
I am going to examine this possibility closely.
Thank you
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I have had pain on my right side below my rib cage going for 2 years I have experienced many test but last test I had was a chemical stress test. When testing I experience no pain in my heart but the faint constant pain that I had in my right side below rib cage really was really intense and couldn't stand the pain but once the test was over my intense pain went away. Dr. didnt want to address my pain because they said it not a heart issue. But my mother had the same pain before dying and Dr.'s told her that she had blockage in her artery that goes to her kidney but my mom didnt die from that,she only had the pain there she died from pulmonary fibrosis .  I have experienced that pain for 2 years. About a year ago when pain developed . I began exercising and stop eating fast food and making everything fresh at home,staying away from carbs anything that was white like breads and pasta.I  Eat or drank anything with the last name berry on it. Eat papaya,mango also try to stay away from alot of sugar and sodium . I bought juices that were not concentrated plus apple cider that was all natural. I put spices in my food like turnike, ginger root,basil. I also paid for B-12 injections at a lose weight clinic for ten dollars each week for my depression. Once i did all this I lost 45lbs and the right side pain went all away.  But after 6 months of loosing weight I have gone back to eating fast food  every day , I have gained my weight all back plus my pain has come back as well.Could not stay away from fast food for long. Hope this makes sense or helps.  
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I am experiencing the same thing. I have endometriosis and had surgery. than I got sick again. I just had surgery and they found 4 tumors and 27 cists. Unfortunately this surgery didn't help I am scheduled to see a NEW doctor to do an exploratory  surgery. The pain if electrifying. It comes and goes whenever. If you can tell me anything I would be so happy as well as my family and friends. The pain is totally disabling.
P.S. Been going on since October of 2013.....

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I have had the same pain and  symptoms ever since I  had my gallbladder taken out in 1986.   Have had ultra sounds, mri's, cat scans, and  numerous ERCP's  with stents placed in the pancreatic duct over the years.  Tons of lab work and many hospitalizations.  Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in 1993, which helped for awhile and then the pain & spasming started all over again.  I  have spastic pancreatic and liver ducts, and it is all connected to the gallbladder being removed.  Have had elevated enzyme levels and had sphinterotomy and sphinteroplasty's done.   What I  believe I have is Sphinter of Oddi Dysfunction.   Right now I am trying to find a Dr. or Clinic who has done studies on the type 111  Sphinter of Oddi Dysfunction to find a medication to control the pain and spasming besides pain meds., which I have to take now.   I currently am being seen at the U. of MN.  and recently heard that they had done a study on Sphinter of Oddi Dysfunction.  My appt. is in July, 2014, so hope they have some other answers.
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I am a 23 year old female. my pain starts in the upper right side of my stomach and wraps all the way around my right side under my arm pit and to my spine. happens a few times a week. the pain seems to last for a few hours at a time. I have tried everything. nothing seems to work. I don't like going to the ER. kinda scared its my gallbladder. both my parents had theirs out due to stones. Anyone have an idea what this could be.
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I suffered what we think was a duodenal ulcer Aug  2010, I called it upper right quadrant pain. I was neg for  h. pylori. Finally got the ulcer diagnosis  to work on in June of 2011- so I suffered for a year before I even began to take things to heal.   I began a protocol of a whole bunch of things, Took three rounds of Prilosec ( that otc drug help at once but then began to wear off after 3 rounds). Then I went gluten and nightshade free food wise, did Egosque body work and took lots of supplements DGL, L- Glutamine etc (search my former posts if you want to see more things that helped me with that pain).  After 6 months from June of 2011 to the first of 2012 I was finally free of pain. And I was pretty much pain free in 2012 and until Dec of 2013. Unfortunately  I began having abdominal pain again. A little different feeling this time began as a mild cramping gawing like discomfort. Maybe because it was a little different  pain (more lower center abdominal pain)  I did not even consider to try the ulcer protocol until  4 months later...Then I did try  the same protocols but this time I was not getting better. Also this time I did test positive for h pylori but my doctor did not think that would be a cause an ulcer.  It has been 6 more months now Oct 2014 and I am still having pain. Was better on a beach vacation so I've wondered about earthing (walking on the beach), was constipated then so no movements, was not eating the fiber or taking the boat load of supplements I  normally do, did not have to worry about what to eat because we were eating out each day, did not have A/C but host had a wonderfully open beach house with ocean air and we had great mild weather. The Host had one other thing that I now consider a factor.  He had 3 great dogs two labs one weimaraner. We loved on them and they loved on us. We had lost our little Iggy (Italian Greyhound) about the same time my pains began. He was almost 16 when we had to put him down.  I think the doggies  at the beach were giving me Oxytocin the feel good, love, trust, bonding hormone.  I remember changing our little dogs food from grain based to meat based (Blue) dog food in 2012 and walking with him- this may have helped him feel better (he really rallied- coat and appetite came back and he loved our walks). I think this in turn helped  me to heal.    I am considering asking my doctors to get a prescription for Oxytocin. I found out about Oxytocin some time ago when a friend gave me an article by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright about Oxytocin helping gut pain. I would rather have a dog.  Sadly at this point my husband says we will never have another dog. Hope and Pray he will reconsider for our health and physical well being. If you google 'dogs and oxytocin' you can learn more about that  phenomenon.

But for some supplement helps I  have found that within minutes of taking Black Seed Oil my pain is gone or greatly reduced. This is really a puzzle to me but I was also taking it while on the beach vacation because it was in the fridge and easy for me to access. I never bothered to dig out my other supplements in the bottom of my luggage.    I only take 1 tea a day usually in the evening.   I've only used the Amazing Herb brand that you can get at most all health foods stores.  Coptis (a chinese herbal) I got from my Chiropractor also takes my pain  away. Not as good as the Black Seed Oil. BTW both  the Coptis and the Black Seed Oil taste horrible!   I am not sure if these are healing my problem but am thankful that they take my pain away as I cannot take pain meds of any kind. Pain meds cause me bowel bleeding.

Until you get to the bottom of your pain Hope these ideas might help you and others who may see this.

I know God has a reason for our suffering - it is in some way to bless not to hurt.
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Stop running!  It's not worth it. I used to run like you and all it did was use up valuable time.  There are plenty of other ways to stay healthy.  No need to aggravate your RUQ!
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hi I have pretty much the same pain as your self for the last year now but when ever I go see my gp they keep saying its ibs or muscle pain I had my gallbladder removal many years ago , so iv ruled that out my self , are u yr self any closer to finding out what it is
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Was your pancreatitis caused by your ERCP procedure or did you have pancreatitis beforehand? I know that pancreatitis is one of the risks involved with ERCP, among other things.  I will also list some doctors (below) that might offer you some help.

I also hope this will be helpful for anyone who might be suffering from Sphincter of Oddi  Dysfunction (SOD).  So, for others reading this & have had your gall bladder removed, or have other biliary disorders, you might ask your GI about the possibility of SOD.  One thing I would advise anyone who thinks they have SOD (or their doctor suspects they have SOD) would be to try meds before having an ERCP or surgery on the duct itself.  

I will try to make my story short as possible.  (I have a tendency to over state things sometimes).  I began having pain 2 years ago & the only way I could describe the pain is as if someone was stabbing me under my right rib cage & it exited out my back.  My GP sent me to GI doc, who initially thought I had an ulcer.  I knew it wasn't that, because I have had ulcers & reflux in the past & the symptoms weren't the same.  The pain was so severe, that it literally affected everything aspect of my life & I found myself avoiding going out at all, if I didn't have to.

The GI doc ordered an upper endoscopy & also referred me to her partner, who ordered CT scans of cervical & thoracic spine as well as abdominal CT.  I was told everything was "normal" & I was "fine".  After the endoscopy, I was given pics she had taken during the procedure. Once I arrived home & the anesthesia wore off, I noticed that everything looked normal, except the tissue around the ductal opening, by the duodenal bulb, was severely red & irritated.  So, the following day, I called her office & asked her about it & if she felt further investigation was warranted. She asked me why I thought I needed further testing & I told her I was a former nurse (now retired) & the pics indicated to me that it was more than likely related to bile & pancreatic juices.  She finally agreed to perform an MRCP, but after that test, she again told me that both the CT & MRCP showed everything was "normal" & I needed no further tests.  

Since, I am not overly trusting of medical professionals (comes from working around them for so many years), I asked for copies of the MRCP & CT scan.  After I received the results & radiology reports, I discovered that not only did I have dilated intrahepatic & extrahepatic ducts, but also an adrenal tumor & a mass in my pelvis, that the radiologist "felt" was an ovary.  They never told me anything about this.  I called her office & told her, "why would you think the mass is an "ovary", when I had a TAH 27 years ago?  I told her i had no female organs, so it would be difficult for the "mass" to be an ovary.  Again, she refused to do anything, even refer me to anyone else.  So, I asked her nurse for copies of my entire patient file.  This is exactly why I would advise anyone who has medical tests to ALWAYS ask for copies of any tests you have performed, so you can read for yourself what the tests show.  I noticed in her notes, that she mentioned the mass & even mentioned that I had a TAH & would consult with me before proceeding.  But, she didn't!

So, after this rude awakening, my GP referred me to another GI doctor, who specialized in ERCP's & also a surgeon regarding the pelvic mass.  The surgeon refused to do anything, until an ERCP could be performed & a repeat CT.  The new GI doc refused to do an ERCP, (he felt it was too risky).  He suggested,  instead of the ERCP, an EUS (endoscopic ultrasound).  Since his hospital wasn't equipped to do EUS, he sent me to another hospital.  That test noted that I also had a dilated common bile duct.  So, that now added up to 3 dilated ducts.  This GI doc still refused to do an ERCP or any surgery (sphincterotomy or sphincterplasty) until my dilation was at 8-10 mm or larger.  I am currently between 5-6 mm.  I asked him if he could at least try me on some of the meds used for SOD, but I received a big NO.

The repeat CT was not the same type as I had before & performed at a small, local hospital, so still not sure what the mass is, as this radiologist,  failed to even mention in his report.  But, he noticed another anomalies (some of which turned out to be wrong).  So, now the surgeon has backed out of removing the mass, because now he says surgery is "too risky".  I told him, so is dying, but shouldn't a biopsy be done to see what the mass is?  He said I need to see a gynecologist.  That was another waste of time as she blew off all test results.  So, now my GP is now sending me to a gynecologist oncologist. I just hope I am not too late, if it is cancer as my health continues to deteriorate, without anyone offering hope or suggestions.  If all else, fails,, I can always go to VA hospital.  But, I know it takes forever to even get an appt. in VA hospital, let alone treatment.

Since everyone is refusing to offer any type of treatment, I started doing my own research on med options.  I see my GP next week, so I have called in advance to let him know what oral meds that can be used for SOD & will he at least "try" me on meds to see if it will alleviate the pain. But, with the luck I have been having with doctors, the past 2 years, I am not holding out hope for anything.  But, I will keep on fighting for treatment on not only the SOD, but also the pelvic mass & adrenal tumor.  The adrenal tumor is the least of my worries, right now, because more than likely is it just a benign adenoma, that can wait & just be monitored.

For those of you who do have symptoms of SOD, some of the meds used to treat it, are Calcium Channel Blockers, Nitrates, Gabapentin & low dose Amitriptyline.  I cannot use CCB, because of low B/P, so will probably try either Amitriptyline or Gabapentin.

Botox injections have also been used to treat the spasms, but that is not something I would be interested in trying.  Don't really feel like waiting for an appt. & then driving 2 hours to see the doctor.  For anyone interested, there is also the option to check into clinical trials for treatment.  

If my GP refuses to help with oral meds or they don't alleviate or reduce the pain & I am unable to get into VA into reasonable time, I have been researching specialists who work specifically with patients with SOD & pancreatitis.  They are all out of state (for me) but would be worth the travel, if the pain could be alleviated.  They all come highly recommended by other SOD patients.  These doctors have found a new way to use stents to keep the ducts patent longer. If anyone is interested, they are Dr. Peter Cotton at MUSC, Dr. Martin Freeman at Univ Of MN and Dr. Sherman at Univ of IN.  

I'd also suggest, that if you suspect you have SOD or pancreatitis, don't do like I did & go to just any GI doc, just because they are closer.  If the above docs wouldn't be worth it to you, take the time to find a doctor who specializes in pancreas & SOD issues.  Also take the time, to check reviews by other patients on websites that allow patients to review doctors, such as vitals, healthgrades, etc.  Your life is too important to just allow anyone to experiment with your health.

I hope this helps anyone who is still battling SOD & not finding help.
How much it cost to see one of suggested Drs to perform the proccedure for SOD
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OMG....thank you so much, for 15 yrs i have been though test after test and my gallbladder removed all due to pain as you have. Sometimes so bad im screaming in pain, hot flashes, nausea, sweating, and tossing what ever i ate and drank up. Been put in the hospital a few times with  pancreoues issues, sometimes when at the ER I get tests are all Normal, so drugged up with thier strongest pain med and sent home and down knocked out for days. Been told to never come back at one in San Diego, my first time mind you there but he thought i was ther just for the pain meds, my husband at the time my boyfriend got so mad. He knew i was in so much pain. Im so tired of tests. Last hospital visit the doctor put me on gabapentien. For 3 yrs no issues until around Aug 2014 i started working again andnit started it back up, even my pain doctor upped it to 4 a day. Whcih i cant see no more until i pay them what i owe them from another issue proceder, so out of pain meds also and been in pain on and off in the day for over a month now. Anyways this so sounds like my issues. Doctors have said i have IBS, Acid reflex, and pancroues issues.my pain aint sent me to the ER since i was there 3 yrs ago and hopeing my pain dont get that bad, but i lost my job cause my family doctor hasnt did my work paper on what i can and cant do, also i have discs in my back disenagrating also. So now jobless and still waiting. Now im taking this to him and see what he says, my last doctor before she left was doing every thing she can to find out what was wrong with me. I just pray this isnfor sure it. Im so tired of researching also and want it done and over with. Im only 42 andthis as i said before started when i was pragnant with my now 15yr old. Again thank you for the new hope of finding out whats wrong with me!!!
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My wife's story is similar to yours.  She has been struggling with this for 3 yrs now.  Many tests, ER trips, hospital visits, bad drug reactions, etc.  Had her gall bladder removed 3 yrs ago.  Many misdiagnoses but no answers.   It has been terrifying at times.
She was diagnosed with early PBC but they say that wouldn't cause this kind of pain.

The symptoms sometimes go away completely for a few months, and she can eat normally, then they will start up again for no apparent reason and go on for months.  Difficult to get enough nutrition when you can't eat.  When she is having symptoms the spasms start every morning, and on a good day will subside by late afternoon.  Ativan seems to help the spasms and anxiety somewhat.  Morphine helped the pain at first, but that seems to help less as time goes on.  Diet consists mostly of Saltines, scrambled eggs, gatorade and a blend of apple juice/prune juice.

I've mentioned SOD to several doctors, but they are resistant to suggestions from the patient or family.

I was curious about the doctors you mentioned: Dr. Peter Cotton at MUSC, Dr. Martin Freeman at Univ Of MN and Dr. Sherman at Univ of IN.   Other hospitals (such as Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic) also discuss SOD.  Have you heard any feedback on success stories with those hospitals?  For instance, Univ of MN versus Mayo?


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yes the pain is just under my right rib cage.  Sometimes when I breath each breath causes great pain .I've taken several Ibuprofen so can bare the pain now, but otherwise I have to breath with short breaths
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Check out Dr. Shoemaker on mycotoxins, mold & Lyme dz.
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bro or sis you need to see a nephrologist and have the Kidney issue addressed.  I was a CATH LAB DIRECTOR for years and that blocked renal artery can kill you from inside out. On your kidney are your adrenal glands which cause all kinds of hormonal and or physical problems.  You really  should have been told to have this tested because it can be very dangerous.  I know you said you had a lot of test and this may have been addressed.  It may be nothing to worry about; but better safe than sorry.
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I am so glad that I came across the site! I have been so frustrated with getting the run around with the doctors. I have been having URQ pain for several months. I had mono for 5 1/2 months and 2 kidney stones so I thought that was what the pain was from. After testing everything checked normal. Nothing felt normal. After finding your site I went to the chiropractor today and had him check my nerves.  My T11 was very hot. That is connected to every organ and the area that is bothering me. He is hoping with a couple of weeks of adjustments and me not over doing it I will be back to normal. I am hoping this will help all of us on here.  I will try to let you all know if this helps. Hoping so for all of our sakes...
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Had my first supper without that extremely full feeling! Fingers crossed. Everything else is still pretty tender, but I am guessing that it will take awhile for things to settle down.
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Having your gallbladder removed does not cause weight gain.  I was a nurse for many years & also a patient who had my gallbladder removed. I have gained absolutely no weight & weigh the same as I did 30 years ago. That is because I still follow the dietary restrictions I was told to follow before my cholecystectomy.  There are some patients that gain weight, but it is not due to the surgery itself.  It is caused by what they eat after their cholecystectomy.  Patients with pain from gallbladder disorders are told to cut out fatty & greasy foods from their diets, in order to reduce the symptoms caused by a sluggish gallbladder.  Whether the surgery is due to gall stones or a sluggish gall bladder, the dietary restrictions are pretty much the same.  After patients have their gallbladder removed & they are no longer bothered by the pesky symptoms they had before the cholecystectomy, they think they can return to eating whatever they want, including fatty & greasy foods.  It's only natural that they would gain weight if they return to eating the foods they were not allowed to eat before the surgery.  Another reason that might result in weight gain is the inactivity or inability to exercise after surgery.    If someone does gain weight after surgery, it should only be a temporary problem.  It can be reversed, by making a few changes in their diet. If they feel they are incapable of following a healthy diet, then they should talk to their doctor or a dietitian who can help them formulate a plan to help them substitute other foods for the greasy & fatty foods they are once again eating. Patients have to realize that just because the symptoms are gone, after their surgery, they still cannot eat certain foods, because the body is no longer able to metabolize food like it did, when they had a healthy gallbladder.
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I have had the exact symptoms you described for 4 yrs. I am a white 56 yr old male.  I have had a CT scan, ultrasound, colonoscopy and blood tests. All have come back negative. I can't press on a specific area to increase the pain. But it is ongoing. It does not keep me up at night and tends to be better in the morning
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Hi all. Sorry to hear so many people are suffering with the same problem but it does put my mind a little at ease!

I've been having a weird pokey, burning sensation in my upper right abdomen for about 5 months now.
It felt similar to when cooking and oil spits at you.

When I first went to my GP, the symptoms led him to assume gallstones and an ultrasound was scheduled.

I had to wait a month for the test and within that time I was hospitalized because of the pain.

The ultrasound revealed that my gallbladder was perfectly healthy but they noticed some irregularities with my spleen.

I was then scheduled for a CT scan along with lots of blood tests a month later. All the while in agony and on strong pain meds, googling my symptoms and convincing myself I had non-hodgkins lymphoma!

I've had some results back which may possibly indicate sarcoidosis, something that looks a lot like lymphoma but not as harmful.

I'm being referred to a lung specialist who will explain the next steps but I am still in a lot of pain as well as very tired and moody.

Hopefully it will be sorted out by a course of steroid tablets but I will have to see what the specialist recommends.

I hope you all find what's causing your agony and my heart goes out to all that have been suffering for years.

Adele, 25, UK
Did you ever figure this out? I am in same boat.
After 5 years of suffering from this, having my gallbladder out for no reason I finally figured out to the cause of my RUQ pain and intermittent mid back burning. It's IBS, and it's caused from when I have even one or two alcoholic drinks, and caffiene causes me issues also.

When I have a beer or two about two days later I start getting an uncomfortable burning like sensation in my back, usually two more days after that depending on my diet the RUQ ache will kick in and last for weeks.

Once I cut out any alcohol for 2 months the pain slowly subsided. Then I let many more months pass and reintroduced alcohol, and BAM, 2 days later had the back pain again, a few days later the RUQ pain.

I really wish I would have tried cutting out alcohol before taking out my gallbladder. Caffeine appears to cause me some issues sometimes also, but not as bad as the alcohol intolerance. I have been told I have IBS.

So I would say if you have had all the tests done, doctors telling you nothing is wrong, try to cut out any alcohol and caffeine for at least two months. Then reintroduce it later and pay attention closely. Careful with cutting caffeine though, you will likely have a terrible withdrawal headache for a few days. Good luck people!
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I'm hoping this thread is still active?

I've been dealing with URQ pain for over two years. Without getting into too much detail, I suffered for over a year and a half from recurring intense "episodes" that included a "bursting" feeling inside my gut where gb is (was) and then intense pain all along right side of body, but inside, following the colon. I also had intense pain in my back and under my rt rib cage (these seemed to correlate -- if you put a finger into the burning searing pain under my right rib cage and went through my body, you'd hit the intense gnawing pain deep inside my right back).

Had my gb out this past summer, and that took care of the "bursting" sensation I was having during attacks and I no longer feel the intense pain down the right colon (though it does get mildly painful at times). However all the other issues remain: SERIOUS burning sensation all along under the right rib cage that wakes me up every morning to pain (and I have been on prilosec for over 4 months); what feels like a "balloon" or "tennis ball" stuck under my ribs in my right side (this balloons out or fills up over the course of the day, getting worse as the day goes on or as I am active); a terrible, deep gnawing ache in my right back that correlates directly to the front burning pain (this can be the worst of it -- it gnaws constantly once it starts, and heat helps a little). Very, very painful.

I had doctors tell me its in my head, given me anti-depressants and even stronger psych meds like zyprexa. This is not in my head. I'm still taking clonapan and seroquel -- but never needed any of this before 2 years ago when my life suddenly . . . ended.

The pain started as a gb attack, I'm fairly sure of it -- and like I said, I had several until it was finally removed -- so why am I still suffering daily from so much pain? I've lost so much to this pain: I used to be a very fit, relatively happy and definitely content married man with an active life, and now I am a 48 yr old useless, thin and miserable person who is popping Tramadol 4-5 x day just to get through work -- and I love my job!

My spouse is ready to leave me, and my parents (thank god for my mother) are at their wits end, like me. Some days the pain is so bad, I just want to put a bag over my head and end it -- and these desires are only increasing as this URQ pain continues to go misdiagnosed and untreated.

I've spent the entire day today reading through this ENTIRE string -- from the beginning in 2002 until the most recent posts in late 2016. I've collected a lot of information and possibilities to explore by coming through all of your testimonials (which my PCP tells me I shouldn't listen to -- RIGHT, like he's been able to help?). I am seeing a neurologist this week and yet another GI later this month and feel like I am armed with some possibilities from all that you have put here. Thank you for that, at least.

Is this thread still active? If so, please reply -- it is so good to know that I am not alone, and that I am not "making it all up" or being "overdramatic." I'm not. I'm in terrible pain every day, and each day of it makes me less and less interested to see how the next day plays out, you know?

Thank you for all the ideas here.
-- S
Make that, I've been on PROTONIX for over four months.
-- S
I have been living misrable life since 2013 till today and seen many doctors regarding my RUQ BURNING sensation with no glue
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I should add -- I have gone gluten free, stopped coffee and alcohol completely and am on a FODMAP diet for over six months now, and still the pain remains. I will try some of the remedies you have all shared here in the weeks ahead of me -- it's all given me back a bit of hope, something, a string, to hold onto in the dark.

I'll report back here when I have more or different information.
-- S
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I can tell you that I have been struggling with this ame condition for 11 years.  I am now 46.  I have many tests as well.  Gallbladder, colonoscopy an endoscopy.  The only thing they found was gastritis in my duedendom.  To get to the short of it.  One day after came back from yet another clean ultrasound.  My mom was there she said take a has pill.  Ever since I started taking gas pills from Walgreens the pain has been less and some days not there at all.
Sorry for typos.  Out side and the sun is glaring.
Gas pills huh? How is the pain now?
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I am 45 years old.  It started about 3 years ago.  I call them episodes or flare ups that are becoming more frequent.  I have experience similar symptoms in upper right quandrant under my rib feels like something is swollen with gas and bloating, nausea, and sometimes feels like I can’t breathe with pain in my upper back.  If my bladder if full or I drink a lot of water, it hurts worse.  The pain comes and goes and I can’t figure out if it’s something I’m eating or not.  I have had my gallbladder removed as well.  I have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy , all kinds of oscopys(smile) and they can’t find anything except some irritation in my stomach, h-pylori, all organs look fine.  I’m returning to the gastro doctor to see if he can order some tests. I need an answer.
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Hi all, I am male, 32 years old, and having the exact same symptoms as well. Did all the test you mentioned above but docs keep telling me that I am healthy, and should not take this issue that serious.  Unfortunately the pain makes it feel really serious and I can't believe that so many people having this "thing" with no answers.

From my own experience, cutting out gluten and coffee helped somewhat, but what helps me the most is getting up from my desk for 5 minutes every 25 mins., + some massage on the affected area. Besides that, walking outside and the fresh air helps too, after a trip I can barely feel the pain.

In any case I will be connected to this thread hoping that somebody gonna have an answer one day.
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Hi again,

This may sound somewhat strange, but I think I have found a hack/temporary relief for my pain! As others noted above, when I'm massaging the area bellow my ribs, on the right side, I can feel a tight, oval organ, actually I think its more like a muscle. While massaging it, I gently push it towards my back, than it suddenly "sinks" and my pain is gone! After this sitting/slouching in my chair gets pain free and I can move around without any symptoms! I think this is crazy, honestly I'm a bit more worried than before discovering this. I am scheduling a meeting with my gastroenterologist, but I think he gonna think I'm making this up.
I am 61 yo female with constant kneading and some nausea. My daughter is a DPT and has just started doing deep muscle work on my bank/chest/abdomen .. also scar tissue release to the small laparoscopy incisions from an ovarian cyst removal. When she pushed on those scar areas by belly button it reproduced the discomfort in stomach.  I’m hoping it works .
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Hi fellow sufferers:

This right side pain I have is now subsiding.   It still spasms but not as frequently.

I still have it though but here is what I'm doing.


Amazon link https://www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Primadophilus-Probiotics-Vegetarian/dp/B005S6W96Y/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Fortify+optima+colon+health&qid=1560389038&s=gateway&sr=8-4

I suggest getting it LOCALLY at Whole Foods or your local health food store in the refrigerated probiotic section.

It's cherry season, I'm eating so many cherries & that is helping me go, one of the problems for me is constipation, which is part or is causing this pain.

I'm also drinking prune juice, kefir with turmeric/cinnamon/black pepper, mint fizzy water with mint leaves.

The spasms are getting less intense.

The probiotic (see above w link to amazon) is really helping me with ENERGY that I've never had.

My theory is that bad bacteria led to constipation, weight gain, overeating, no energy - my entire LIFE, and I'm 60 now.

I do feel I've turned a corner.  I was in Urgent care 1.5 weeks ago screaming in pain from spasms on my right side.

Hi I wanted to update everyone!

Today is June 19.  The probiotics, linked previously took about 4 days to kick in.

The pain has subsided GREATLY.

It's almost gone!  I'm so happy!  This pain was really killing me!

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