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Abnormal pressure on rectum. Please help

Hi, I am a newbie to this site and I have been suffering from weird rectal problems. Here are my problems.

1.Constant 24/7 pressure on my rectum and feel like going to toilet evenhough my bowel is empty. I have been suffering from this prolem for the past 3 yrs and recently It has become so severe that I cannot even walk like a normal person. When I walk I feel like I am losing some fecal mass though bowel is completely empty.(Even after enema).

2.Rotten egg odor coming from gut which makes me feel like freak and I cant go anywhere, now at the edge of losing my current job (Already lost many jobs before).

Though I have few other problems I feel those will be ruled out once I get treated for these two. Honestly I lost all my hopes and after seeing forums regarding rectal pressure on this site my hopes came back a bit. I have done so much research and few tests like blood, urine, MRI of the brain (to find out if I have any inflammation in CNS), EEG, Colonoscopy. Every test came back normal. Please help me.

Thank you so much.

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Have you been or were you wearing tone up sneakers or something similar when pain started?
793180 tn?1379796260

Sorry for the really late reply. I hope that you all no longer have the problem. But if you do may be I can help. I have been suffering from the problems for more than 7 years now. I gave up looking for the solution 3 years ago. But recently I could not take it anymore. So I gave it a try one more time. I came to the US this year and consulted a doctor here. I have undergone a test called defecography and diagnosed with Anismus. It means the puborectalis sling is contracting  when it is supposed to be relaxing. It is a weird condition and tough to treat. Please reply me with what is happening with you.

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