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my ultrasound report ...i need help to find out what is wrong
Liver is normal in size measuring 12.7 cm in longitudibal span in MCL.Liver is showing a hypoechoeic llesion measuring 15x19 cm in right lobe.Few cystic lesion measuring 05-42 mm is seen in liver.intrahepatic biliary are not dilated.portal vein measures 11 mm.

Kidney - cortical thickness is normal with normal cortico -medullary differentiation. Few cystic lesion measuring 05-32 mm is seen, bilaterally
kidney size : right - 94mmx45mm : parenchymal thickness: 17 mm
                     left : 106mmx49mm : parenchymal thickness: 19 mm
Impression :
> Gross, Generalised ascites
> Mild Splenomegaly
> Hypoechoeic lesion - Liver (-? secondary)
> cystic lesion - liver and kidney (-? simple cysts)
> umbilical harnia(+)-defect size-13 mm
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someone please help me to understand this report
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The first concern is the ascites.  Something is causing your liver to not do its job.  There are many causes of ascites, so you will need your doctor to do more tests to track down what the cause is of this and the other findings in the liver.  
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