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Accute Pancreatitis

I was recently diagnosed with accute pancreatitis. Doctor's don't seem to understand why I have it. I have no gallbladder, no apendix, I don't drink alcohol and I try not to eat high fat or greasy foods.

I have had 4 c-sections, my gallbladder, apendix/ovarian cyst, and a pyonidal cyst removed. I have a merana IUD in place (2 years). My cycles have never been normal nor have I ever had regular bowel movements.

I'm wondering if any of this could be related to or a cause of my recent diagnosis or if I could have inherited it. Either way is there a way to reverse/cure it without surgery, antibiotics, or pain meds?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Check to find out about autoimmune pancreatitis. You also need to check with the doc to see if it's possible you could have formed sludge or gallstones subsequent to the removal of the gallbladder.
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