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Acid Reflux, dysphagia, vomiting

May 2012: I had problems with acid reflux; I was not able to eat for three days and was not able to swallow food properly through oesophagus. Then I was injected omeprazole (around 6 bottles) over two days in a hospital in India and it started getting better after that.
November 2012: I again had the same problem with oesophagus and acid reflux. The doctor in Germany prescribed me Omeprazole 40 mg. Acid reflux problem went away but oesophagus was still the same. It was not that bad but I was not able to swallow foods perfectly down. It remained like this although my appetite was normal and I had no problems with acid reflux after that.
Nov 2015: I started having severe problems with acid reflux. I faced a constant burning in upper chest and my appetite has reduced significantly. Due to this, over last 3 months I have reduced a significant amount of weight. Now in February 2016, I am having severe heartburns and no appetite at all. I am vomiting even small amounts of food. And my oesophagus feels significantly narrowed. I am taking PPIs (Omeprazole) from last 4 months but they are not helping. I had an endoscopy in early November and it showed everything was normal.
Could anyone please help me with my condition?
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Try Homeopathic treatment under someone well experienced homeopath, guaranteed you will be cured permanently.
Can you post your detail....lifestyle, disposition, symptoms etc? It will help to choose an appropriate medicine for you.
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Thanks a lot for the reply Dashanan. My symptoms are: getting a very bad stucky feeling in upper chest, at the bottom of the throat. This is more after eating something, especially solid food. Also, I get heartburn on lying down or on sitting. While walking and standing, heartburn is not that severe.

My lifestyle consisted of sitting long on chair during the day as I am a finance professional. Although with the same lifestyle, I remained perfectly fine for the time between dec 2012 and sep 2015. I live in Germany and I also do not eat much spicy foods. I used to drink coffee which I left when the problem surfaced three months back.
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