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Acid Reflux and kidney pain

i have acid reflux that as of until now has left me alone pretty much . But recently i have been having breathing problem and kidney pains. I have the distinct feeling of a burp in my chest but every time i go to burp it is only acidic vomit. I have also devoloped a sharp pain in my kidneys when i laydown at night which makes it imposible to sleep unless i am sitting up. During all of this my stomach is doing that gasy gurgling. I am just wondering what could be dont to stop the kidney pain.

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Maybe it's not kidney but back pain from your gallbladder or even a hiatal hernia.  Ask the medic to order an addominal ultrasound.  This usually shows any stones and is the first step in defining the problem.  Also, they may want to order a HIDA/CCK to more fully evaluate your gall bladder.   The symptoms you have -- gastric reflux (the acidic taste), gassiness and mid to lower back pain is often associated with gastric problems.
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You might want to look into the Antacid/Candida Overgrowth vicious cycle, especially if you've ever taken antibiotics. I recently kicked my antacid habit of ten years by following an anti-candida diet. Alkalinizing the intestinal track (with antacids) allows candida to grow and morph into its fungal form... In the last year, I often took a Tums not to stop burning in the throat/esophagus, but to stop pain in my right kidney. I'm still figuring it out. Just tonight I ate some raw tomatoes and got the kidney pain big time. From what I've researched, it could be the solanine, the acid, or the potassium in the tomatoes. I'm convinced I have debris (i.e. tiny stones) in my kidneys and have been drinking lots of water and using kidney cleanse supplements. They are helping. I drank lots of caffeine and little water for many years... How are you doing?
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