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Acid reflux / oral thrush after tonsillectomy

Hi there, age 44 female. on day 8 recovery, had tonsillectomy last Thursday.

It's been pretty much awful but since yesterday I seem to be having new problems with acid reflux and wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem.  It's so bad that it feels like it's burning my throat and esophagus.  I have to sleep sitting up ....and sleep does not come easy with the heartburn Because even sitting up it is there.  I also feel like it may be effecting the rate at which I am going to heal. if it is in fact acid buildup coming back up won't the acid slow down the healing of my throat?  

I tried to wean off the codeine yesterday morning but this morning at 1 am I took a dose and was able to finally get a small amount of sleep.  

I also started taking Zantac yesterday. And began taking my probiotics again yesterday as well.  Zantac seems to offer no relief. Trying to make alkaline based smoothies to help with the heartburn....again no relief.

Have developed oral thrush, was not put on antibiotics but believe I have had it before operation because of being on too many antibiotics. It decided to rear it's ugly head and flare up because of the trauma of surgery and the clamp they use on your tongue. I am using the nystatin oral rinse 4 times a day and not sure I feel any releif with that either..

I am going through this awful recovery that the surgery brings and then have these added problems.

i am so frustrated, so depressed, so miserable and feel like I've made a giant mistake by getting this tonsillectomy.

Anyone have similar problems? What did you do for it?
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I'd look into a prebiotic as well. You probably have a yeast overgrowth in your digestive tract as well. The yeast feeds on sugars and starch, so if you can cut those out of your diet for a while you will notice a difference for sure.
I just finished a round of antibiotics myself and the thrush is awful!
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What are you doing for your thrush?
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What are you doing for your thrush?
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i brush my tongue multiple times a day. put organic apple cider vinegar (1TB) in warm water, gargle with it and drink it.
I am waiting to hear from nutritionist abt other methods. I hear Caprylic Acid is good for killing off yeast too
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I had Tonsillectomy surgery 3 months n 5 days ago. I wished my Dr would have told me if you have Reflux that having a Tonsillectomy Will make your Reflux so much Worse. So my advice if you have Reflux At All Is Do Not Have Tonsillectomy Surgery. My Dr has Not been much help, I actually have pretty much figured this all our thru the web. I went back to my Dr Twice n he stuck the thing down my nose n he said it was a little tight n I have some scar tissue n of course we already knew I had Reflux. I thought how can Reflux really make things worse. Well if your sitting in the movie theater n all of a sudden I cannot swallow. . . Well it's enough to scare the crap out of you or it has me. So I've started noticing There it is again I cannot swallow. So I'm gonna call my ENT Dr so I can talk to him more on what I have to do to live a half way normal life now. I'm 52 n I'm also having wheezing with the Reflux now. Please speak with your Dr before having a Tonsillectomy if you already have Reflux because it truly hurts your quality of life n I pray Either this Dr will help me get it together. I read somewhere that you can have a laranex or speech pathologist that might can help with Reflux but I'm not sure. God Bless Everyone.
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