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Advice for Relieving Irritable Bowel Symptoms

I have had IBS-C symptoms for several years now and have been taking Linzess to deal with them now for almost two years. The Linzess helps me to have at least one substantial bowel movement in the morning. The movement is often quite productive and well-formed, but I always feel there is dry and hardened stool in back of that that is not coming out, so I never feel fully empty. Even if I have a few more movements during the course of the morning (which often happens), there is always this feeling that there is more there that I can't get rid of - like some sort of persistent backup. This backup is also experienced throughout the day as a bloated or cramped feeling with burping or gas, although this varies from day to day with some days being better than others. The things that help me, in addition to the Linzess, are drinking warm water and/or an iced coffee beverage.

Is there anything I can do to intensify the effect of the Linzess, so that I get rid of more of the backup? I feel that I am ALMOST voiding everything that's there, but not quite. Also, I don't understand why I can't get rid of everything in one void but have to have several throughout the morning. I would appreciate some guidance or suggestions.

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