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Advice on blood work results, vomiting, diarrhea & abdominal pain.

I know no one here is a doctor or at least can't advise me as one, but I'd like some opinions and input...
If it matters, I'm a 26 year old, female. So okay three weeks ago I started having nausea on and off. Then a few days later, before I went to bed one night I started having this awful burning in my esophagus and felt like I was going to throw up. Not just an acidic feeling, but like my esophagus was on fire! I was able to go to sleep, but that same night, at 2am in the morning, I was woken up by severe abdominal pain. Just all over! I ran to the bathroom and spent a lot of the night vomiting, doubled over with abdominal pain, diarrhea & this feeling that I had been overdosed on like morphine. REALLY dizzy, REALLY weak, with cold sweats. FINALLY everything subsided a little bit so I was able to fall back asleep. The nausea continued for days following this and the pain would come and go, but not as bad. Then a week after this first incident, I started throwing up and threw up all day long. This was accompanied by abdominal pain (mostly right below my navel and up under my ribs), diarrhea and this horrible pain in my chest when I would throw up. I thought I was having a heart attack! The vomit and diarrhea were green and my stools, the days leading up to this, had been green. Since then I've had nausea on and off. And abdominal pain is on and off. The abdominal pain goes between right under my belly button and up under my ribs. I've had no more diarrhea but I had green stools still up until a few days ago. I do have pretty severe pain under my belly button when I have a bowel movement. It's not hard to have one, it just hurts in my abdomen, A LOT! I went to the doctor and the ultrasound came back clear. No gallstones or anything. So they ordered a ct scan to make sure there isn't anything going on that they couldn't see. But I got my blood work back and there are somethings that concern me on there and make me really wonder if there is something serious going on. Here are the abnormalities...
Under CBC-
MCV is High 100.7 Range (80-100)
Under Automated Differentials-
SEGS % is low 25.2 Range (40-80)
SEGS ABSOLUTE is low 1.1 Range (1.5-6.8)
LYMPH % is high 55.2 Range (25-45)
MONO % is high 10.9 Range (2-10)
EOS % is High 8.0 Range (0-5)
Creatinine is low .66 Range (0.7-1.5)
Anion gap is low 6.0 Range (6-17)
Cholesterol is low 119 Range (130-240).

Any thoughts on what could be going on? I had an appendectomy almost 3 years ago so I know it's not my appendix. Like I said I have a ct scheduled for monday and an appointment with a specialist on wednesday but I'd like some input prior to this appointment. Thanks in advance!
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Yea, I figured it was something along those lines. Thank you for sharing! I appreciate the reply!
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  As you said I am not a doctor, and I am not great at reading lab tests but I would guess that it is an infection.  Sorry I can't tell you more than that.
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