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After gallbladder removal problems I need help

I had my gallbladder taken out they also took out a cyst on my liver back in February 2021 I started feeling worse than I did before surgery then I had the endoscopy done for my stomach and they found that I had HD pylori something I've been treated for twice already I took all those pills in a 14 days span I had been treated for it like 9 years back .
my heart burn never goes away unless im taking protronics and pepcid together.
Now im getting a fullness in my stomach then bad gas that makes me get pain on my sides and chest even my shoulders and shortness of breath intend abdominal and back pain .
And because of the Gerd I have the cough that comes with it .
And my heart rate is always high I also take blood pressure meds my throat burns sometimes especially when I burp up bile .
I've been to the emergency room at least 10 in the past few months EKG blood work urine CT scan xrays fluids pain meds meds to bring down my heart rate .
The CT scan showed that my left kidney is swollen but they don't think I require surgery .
As im writing this im bloated my chest feels heavy and my stomach feels full but im starving and I have shortness of breath .
No fever no flu like symptoms my blood pressure is good but my heart rate is high I check both my temperature and blood pressure twice daily .
I use a asthma inhaler because of tbe stupid Gerd im so tired all the time and I can't be im a caregiver to two men my husband and my father .
But right now my husband is handling mostly everything .
Since surgery I've lost 35 pounds because I can't enjoy food on some days when im good I clean my plate but on bad days I barely eat .
I've had every kind of scan blood urine stool test there is and nothing but yet I sit here suffering I just want to be normal again strong again .
With my bad knees and bad back I was ok with all that but im not ok with living like this .
I want to enjoy life again im only 50 years old I still got more living to do .
I need help
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Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble, I dont have an answer for you because I read your message and I felt that this was my story, Im going trough the same problems after the removal of my gallbladder, had been a nightmare that get worse day by day…hope you find answers …try oxi bile to see if helps
small dowses . God look and many blessings.
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