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After months of tests and no relief, what next step can I take?

I have had the following symptoms for months:
-no appetite
-constipation for 24+ hours, followed by terrible diarrhea
-nausea/vomiting (though I haven't vomited in a couple of months)
-pain after eating and/or feeling extremely full with very little food
-extreme bloating/swelling across my entire abdomen
-pain in upper right quadrant that comes and goes.

I have been seeing a gastroenterologist and have had the following tests:
-Ultrasound of upper right quadrant
-HIDA scan (gallbladder function)
-Liver bloodwork panel
-CT Scan
-MRI of abdomen
-Gastric Emptying Study

The results:
-My gallbladder function (from HIDA Scan) was on the lower end, at 33%. The doctor said that this isn't low enough to be causing the issues.
-CT scan was read to show a colon tumor.
-Colonoscopy showed no tumors or polyps.
-CT scan showed liver lesions. MRI showed them to be benign.
-Ultrasound and MRI showed no abnormalities.
-Endoscopy showed chronic inflammation in esophagus.
-Gastric emptying study showed rapid gastric emptying (only 30% of food left in stomach after 30 minutes)
-Liver bloodwork showed elevated enzymes. Was retested, and bloodwork was within normal range.

I have been prescribed omeprazole to help with the esophagus inflammation. I was prescribed xifaxan initially, but insurance will not approve it.

I am uncomfortable and need relief. My follow-up appointment isn't until mid-June. Any ideas or advice would be wonderful.
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