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Alcoholic Pancreatitis Probability Question

Presume a 21 year old drinks alcohol on a regular basis, how much each day/each week/how many years will it take for the onset of pancreatitis? How soon – after how much/how frequent- drinking will the symptoms appear?
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Nobody can predict this nor when it will affect your brain cells and liver.  You need to address the reason you feel you have to consume alcohol on a regular basis, are you self medicating, trying to forget something?  This happens to a lot of you people, and it's best to find out what you are trying to forget or you will end up living your life from the inside of a bottle.  My niece died at 31 due to Pancreatitis from drinking to forget about the loss of her mother, and she left two very young children without their mommy.
Address the drinking and you won't have to worry about the damage it is doing to your young body.  Take care...
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