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All kinds of tests done - still stomach problems

Will try to make this as brief as possible.

Female - age 28 - no previous stomach problems or major health problems - not pregnant either
Healthy weight - exercise 4-5 times a week - eat pretty well (lots of veggies and do eat fruit but eat more veggies) - not alot of junk food (I eat some chips or pretzels here and there but not alot)

In September 2008 my husband and I went out to dinner.  Something wasn't right with food (poorly prepared, cross contaminated, handled by someone without washing hands - do not know) at any rate hubby and I both got sick / diahhrea.  Hubby felt fine the next day - I felt better but still off.  

After a month I still was having trouble - would get severely nauseated to the point where I thought I'd throw up after eating and would go to bed early to sleep it off.

Saw the doctor in October 2008.  Did bloodwork all came back fine.  Did stool sample came back fine.  Had abdominal ultrasound done (concern that it was gallbladder) all was fine.  Had HIDA Scan done - it came back at 17% ejection so doctor sent me to a surgeon.  Surgeon said my symptoms did not sound like gallbladder, had not had a classic attack, had no pain where gallbladder is or where problems should be.  Surgeon sent me for a catscan.  Catscan came back fine.  Surgeon and my doctor agreed I needed to see a GI doctor.  Saw a GI doctor in December and he said that he needed to do a colonoscopy.  Colonoscopy came back fine.

Doctors agreed it's not lactose intolerance, not H Pylori, not Glueten problems, not gallbladder.  However they don't know what's wrong and since all tests come back fine they don't thik there's anything wrong.  I however don't agree.

GI doctor has me on Prilosec and when I stopped taking it (after my first course) I got really nauseated again - he had me go back on it and stay on it - I haven't been off since New Year's.

I was starting to feel better but have been feeling crummy again lately.  I went out to lunch with my friend recently and got seriously ill - I thought I would throw up and went to the bathroom.  After a BM I felt somewhat better but was still nauseated the rest of the day.

I have never thrown up but I feel like it could happen.  I don't feel nauseated daily but it happens.  I have tried a food journal and what makes me sick one day won't make me sick the next time, or what doesn't make me sick one time will make me sick the next time.  I just will feel blah, gassy and nauseated.

The nausea has been bad again the past few weeks.  I'm wondering if part of this is post nasal drip due to alergies; I have been to an ENT for the past year; he has finally sent me to an allergist (appointment next week).

I'm at my whit's end and don't know what to do.  GI doctor told me all is fine and to come back in a year (next March) and to know that I will have good days and bad days and I have to learn to live with it.  He was nice about it he wasn't being rude.  But I don't WANT TO live like this - I never felt like this until September.  Why can't it go away?

I started to take Align probiotic about 2 weeks ago to see if it helps; allegedly it helps with gas and bloating.

I just deal with it now and don't do much complaining; I feel sorry for my husband and family because I'm a stick in the mud so I've stopped complaining.  They are supportive and loving but it gets tiring hearing someone say they feel bloated / gassy / nauseated.  I thankfully am not often nauseated but it happens.  I am always gassy and bloated.  I eat alot of veggies but I always have so that's not the problem.  Diet changes haven't helped - eating more or less hasn't helped.  Nothing helps.

I have googled symptoms and read on this board and it seems that everyone who has endured what I have has never gotten answers and everything comes back negative (which is good) but doesn't help to solve the problem.

Can ANYONE help please?

Thank you.
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