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Alternating Abdominal Pain under left and right rib cage

Hi there,

Approximately two months ago, I was having some terrible stress in my life (Work, marriage etc). I wasn't eating the greatest, somedays I wouldn't eat at all due to my stresses killing my appatite. Nonetheless, in my efforts to try to relax my stress, I decided to take up smoking again (dont ask, i know what your thinking). Although at first it gave me head rushes and I hated the taste it left in my mouth, it ultimately reduced my feelings of stress so i continued for roughly two weeks. It was at that time, I had notice that when I smoked, I started to get pain in my abdomen and out towards my middle of my back. Minimal though. About one week later, I had blood in my stool and was like...."what the?". I went to the hospital where the Doc perscribed Anusol HC subository's which seemed to clear up the blood in stool. However, since then I have developed continous pain in the abdomen, mostly left side but will alternate to the right side as well.
I'm 28 years old, not over weight, reasonably healthy but i dont eat the greatest, i guess.
The stresses in my life have subsided now but the pain and blodd are persistent.
I've read a lot online, symptoms checkers and so on, and there is a possibility of 1200 conditions causing this.
I've gone to see the doctor and he has issued an x-ray and ultra-sound of the adbodmen and I'm following up today with him.

I guess what I'm looking for is has anyone else had an experience similar to mine? Symptoms similar? outcome?
Thanks for your help!
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I have had abdominal pain in the right and left side below the rib cage area since shortly after i turned 18 , and now i am 3 months away from being 22 and still the pain comes and goes whenever it feels like it ive had ultra sounds and blood tests for diffferent infections such as liver and kidney infection and gallstones and kidney stones. ive been to the ER many of numerous times and still today suffer with the pain ive done plenty of my own research after hearing from doctors that is gastreaolreflux disease , or acid reflux as in (GERD) and i have found my symptoms show more signs of I.B.S(irritable bowel syndrome) or a bowel disorder of some kind and the only other thing it could possibly be is an ulcer of some kind but now iam waiting to get scoping done. if anyone has any info to what it may be i would appreciate the feed back cause no one should have to suffer years of abdominal discomfort.

thank you
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hi, my wife has the same thing going one with her, for her it always starts on the left then begins to alternate. left to right in the lower pelvic area. Does that happen to you as well?
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I am getting thats and stomach cramps after taking the drug SMZ TMP DS for 5 days
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