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Am I sick from a parasite or anxiety?

Please help. I've been sick for 2 months. Doctors did nothing and said it was anxiety. I got normal tests done, I got a general blood test and a breath test, came back normal except slight hypothyroidism.
Saw a new doctor and she sent me for a second blood test, ultrasound and stool test.
Results were normal but one stool test detected D.fragilis DNA. But the doctor who gave me the results said its nothing and that it's not the cause of my symptoms, but I've read stories of people who suffer for years before doctors treat them for d.fragilis. My dad also says its anxiety.
My symptoms are:
-constant burping/hiccup like I can't burp properly but pressure builds in my throat and the air just rumbles out, sometimes makes me feel sick.
-nausea, especially in the throat and stomach upset
-sometimes I get stomach pains, usually dull and come and go.
-sometimes have mild constipation and sometimes have loose mucousy stools.
-excessive bowel noises throughout the day, mostly when I'm in bed all day and at night.
-burning sensations in either the upper abdomen or lower.
-irritability and behavioural difference (according to my parents)
-itchy skin in 4 places (pubic, under breasts and on lower back)
-bloating and gas which can be hard to pass, bloating happens randomly but often after eating dinner.
-I think I have had acid reflux sometimes, for hours usually, even if I haven't eaten.
-a few weeks back I lost my appetite and barely ate for a week and lost 3.5kg in 5 or so days. But all up in the past 2 months I have lost a total of 7kg, now it's stable but still goes up and down. I am still not eating properly due to feeling ill.
-I'm depressed and anxious because of the ongoing symptoms.
-today I have a pain in the lower abdomen but it feels like muscle pain because I only feel the pain when I flex the muscles or move certain ways that I think use the muscles, and I feel it a little when I stretch so idk.

I am emetophobic and my fear of vomiting has made me incredibly anxious because I've been feeling sick for so long I constantly worry that I'm going to vomit, it hasn't occurred yet but I'm scared it's going to happen because I always feel like I'm getting sicker. Technically I have good days where the only issue is my uncomfortable burp/hiccup thing, but then I get days like today and yesterday where I just feel sick to the stomach and really worry I'm going to vomit and I eat less and I can barely even tell when I'm hungry anymore. But I crave foods, I just want to indulged in food but don't over fear it will make me too sick. But yeah it's horrible and the doctor who ignored the parasite detection makes me mad, he said the parasite should have been detected in both the tests but I don't see that being necessary? One test said "multiplex PCR" and then said D.fragilis DNA detected, the other test I don't understand but it said:
"Microbiological examination of faeces:first specimen
Appearance: to follow
Concentrate: to follow
No salmonella, shigella or campylobacter species isolated."

What does this mean? Does that mean the DNA that was detected in the other test was a mistake? I just want to know if I have a parasite so I can get rid of it and be happy again!
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