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Anal Fissure Surgery, pain after?

I had the surgery 6 days a go and was in the hospital for 1 day, when I woke up I was getting dilaudid every 4 hours and in between lortab/hydrocodon. I was in constant pain and didn't sleep that night, every time I moved i would moan in pain, my sphincter would contract often and it would hurt really bad! I was leaking blood and the nurse kept changing the bad on my bed. The doctor left gauze in my rectum and said it would dissolve but it was painful and uncomfortable.  When I got home i laid down the first day mostly on my stomach. The 2nd day home I walked around, drove my car but when sitting up right for extended periods it would start to throb! 3rd day I felt a little better until my first bowl movement in 4 days, i had been taking stool softeners so it was soft but when it came out it was unbearable i shook, cried, moaned loudly and crawled to the bathroom to soak in water, the pain unbearable pain lasted 30-45 minutes and then just constant pain and contractions for hours, i can barley walk and when i move sharp severe pain. I then lay on my stomach for 4 - 5 hours. by the afternoon i can walk and only certain movements or a contraction will bring a sharp severe pain that last seconds. Day 7, i just had a bowl movement the pain isn't as bad as the first two bowl movements on days 3, 4. yesterday day 6 and today day 7 is about the same. This is much worse then the issues/fissure before the surgery. I'm wearing adult depends pull ups because blood is leaking through anything i wear and on to the couch and bed. last night i leaked so much the blood went through my diper and unto the bed. The doctor said it's normal and this will last two weeks. Why don't we get infections from waste going over fresh wounds??? i hope this works because i can't go through this again and I just want to have a movement without pain! anyone else have these issues?
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Geez, you are terrifying me. I have to go for surgery on Oct 22nd for 2 anal fissures, one front and one back. I can hardly stand the pain and was hoping surgery would be the answer. Has things gotten better? Please tell me how you recovery went after a few months.
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on 19th of this month my mom had a fissure and piles surgery.. 1st day she was feeling a little bit pain, but 2nd day she had some soft stool. 3rd day due to hard stool it was painful ..some few drops of blood came out with the stool. Next day she asked the doctor for the remedy but Mr.X doctor refused and said her to take an appointment. Next day she went to clinic but doctor refused to see her state of that treated part and said her to come on the particular time that he said to come. But today her anus is swelled like little tumers and when she was taking the hot bath she felt really painful and found some blood drops about 6to7.. and I m really scared. i dnt knw what to do. Can u please suggest me...
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