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Anal skin tag surgery

Five days ago I had 2 skin tags removed under general anaesthetic. These were situated on the anal area and really bothered me. They are there since after giving birth and with all the bowel problems (ulcerative colitis) it started to really b in the way of normality for me.
I went in hospital thinking the day after I'm up and running. I TOTALLY under estimated this!! This is the 5th day I'm flat out in pain with a bleeding weeping anal area. Only had 1 bowel movement after a laxative (which was agony and in contrast with my normal medication) I only have 3 stitches and it looks much better (apart from some swelling which will go down). I can't walk or stand long and even with sanitary pads i still stain my clothes? I wash with watere after using the toilet, I've tried a salt bath and I've tried sleeping naked to 'air' the area. I also use Preperation H after cleaning the area but nothing soothes or stops the bleeding. Please has anybody got some similar experience or can offer any useful suggestions? Many thanks!!
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I'm sorry you are so unfortable, it sounds miserable. I was remembering back to when we had our babies and sitz baths and heat lamps were of great help in healing and comforting. Of course before trying anything you should clear it with your doctor to make sure it is the right thing to do in your situation. The heat lamps are the infra-red variety you must be careful that you don't keep it on the area too long, so follow your doc's directions. You can take several sitz baths a day, but again not too long. You will find that this will help tremendously. The bleeding part of it is definitely a question for your doctor. Hope you feel better soon!
I underwent a skin tag removal 06 days ago and it is the worst ever pain that I have suffered ever with the BM. Each time the BM are on, it gets stuck with the most terrible pain in the buttocks and groin area. Bleeding is somewhat less now but still I am using a sanitary napkin to prevent the leakage. Just came to office today. I was given Bactoclar 625mg, Metrogyl 400mg, Zycel 200mg with paracetamol for the healing.  I am wishing you all soon recovery from this pain.
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I'm really sorry to hear you are going through this.  My hubby had hemorrhoid surgery about a year ago and it was HORRIBLE!!!!!  They (the doctors and nurses at the hospital) all made it sound like "oh, it's nothing!  You'll be back to your old self instantly!" and NOTHING could be further from the truth!  He was in AGONY for WEEKS afterward, we thought he would never feel right again!   The anal/rectal area is just so loaded with nerve endings that it seems that every sensation in that area is magnified a thousand times!  Also, every time your body does what it's supposed to do (ie, daily bowel movements, urination, etc.) every muscle in the area is put to work.  Even urinating uses those muscles because when you are peeing, if you stop the pee stream or go to push a bit to pee more, no matter which direction you go in, you use those muscles!  So they absolutely NEVER get a chance to rest to heal, they have to heal while working.  

Epsom salts baths helped DH a lot, as did antiinflammatories and just plain taking it easy when it hurt.  I know it seems like it will never go away but it will.  

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Thank u both so much for the comments! I've been told by reception of this particular hospital & surgeon that I hav to go back to A&E?!? I've tried salt baths, laxatives, but pain or bleeding has not improved yet..your comments helped though...if beforehand I wasn't told it was 'simple & minor surgery with only a few days slight discomfort & light bleeding' I wouldn't worry so much now. Like u said...nothing could be further from the truth..I'm glad to hear a good end result from u, fingers crossed for the upcoming weeks. Thanks again!! Martinez
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It's been 13 days now. I'm in less pain but still bleeding (although not as heavy) I've noticed that shower the area and then dry it with the hair dryer is the best way. Another tip..use sudocreme on the area to avoid nappy rash!  Wish I started that earlier..Mnay thanks for the comments! Martine
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Can I ask how the rest of your healing went? When the area was fully healed did it seem pretty much back to normal? I am curious as so many people have a lot of swelling if that does not create more skin tags in the healing process. Am looking at having this procedure done as well so would love to know if you are happy with the outcome and still glad you had it done. Thanks!
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Hi there, I had 1 anal skin tag removed on monday, i am still bleeding slightly but can i ask did you have blood in your stools? i did have 1 rubber banding at same time. thanks any advise would be great as it is killing me.
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Hello All -

I wanted to tell you what’s been going on with me to see if it’s anything like what you went through. I’m just grasping at whatever resources I can since this recovery is so awful.

Here is a little background: Back in January I started having some issues when I would have a bowl movement – there would be blood. So I went to a hemorrhoid treatment center and they treated me for internal hemorrhoids which was not that bad.

Well, about 2 months later I had what I THOUGHT was an external hemorrhoid. So I let it go for a while then I decided to
see a colorectal surgeon. I went to him at the beginning of June and he said the skin tag on the outside was actually from a fissure.

So, on June 7, I had the skin tag (fissure) removed and he also did a little bit of other cutting (he explained why but now I can’t remember why). Since then, I’ve wanted to die. It’s been almost 2 weeks since the surgery and it’s the most debilitating thing I’ve EVER been through.

My doctor said it could take weeks to recover from it. I’m very swollen right now but I didn’t get swollen until almost a week AFTER the surgery. When I followed up with my doc yesterday, he said this was normal. I’m on Vicodin and valium for pain/muscle spasms.

I barely eat anything now in fear of a bowel movement because the hurt so bad – it burns, stings and aches all at the same time. Even my tailbone aches from everything.

Was your experience similar to this? I just want to see light at the end of the tunnel!

Thanks so much.
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Omg. I thought I was the only one, but should of not assumed that. I got my skin tag removed on June 27, so it going to be a week today, I also got a different surgery to go with it, and that one is pretty much clear. The scab has fallen off, but the skin is just sensitive. My friend checks my progress, and he said that thus far the swelling is there and that the area that obviously needs more healing is the tag area. he said it was a bloody bruised flesh color, and now its pink, but the top area (skin tag) is still a bit "beat up". I'm only taking Aleve, cause I'm afraid Vicodin constipates and I don't want that.

From the hear of things, it takes months (I expected), but on average how long? The only thing I could think of was post-pregnant women. Would it be the equivalent of that?  I mean, this is my first, and it ***** to say, I am a gay male, and this is the worst pain I have ever- ever- experienced!! I know it's good in the long run, but- honestly- nurses will lie to you. All I have to say, imagine your first time you've had anal sex, or the pain you think you might have if you haven't- and multiply it by 10, or more!! Yes, it hurts more than a hemorrhoid too.

Does anyone have any tricks (medical or home remedies) to help the pain, and produce a quicker heal? Thank you!!
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I'm scared now! I have skin tag and having it removed in the next month! the only good thing about it is I will have two weeks off work!
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Hey...I had my skin tags removed 4 days ago...and Im so freaked out ...when i looked at my anus,looks horrible,looks like somebody ripped my anus off,looks like skin tags havent been removed,they just became swollen bigger ...pain is unbelievable..i dont know is that just because it swollen and looks so bad..or its been a bad surgery...im still waiting for healing ..and very hope so thats going away...please let me know if thats what you had too? thanks Ilona
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Hey...I had my skin tags removed 4 days ago...and Im so freaked out ...when i looked at my anus,looks horrible,looks like somebody ripped my anus off,looks like skin tags havent been removed,they just became swollen bigger ...pain is unbelievable..i dont know is that just because it swollen and looks so bad..or its been a bad surgery...im still waiting for healing ..and very hope so thats going away...please let me know if thats what you had too? thanks Ilona
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I had an anal skin tag removed, and due to reading about people's experiences online I was really worried beforehand. I made the decision to go on a juice/soup diet beginning two days before the surgery, up until about a week after the surgery--- and I honestly think it made a world of difference. As a result of not having to go to the bathroom, the area was able to heal for a full week. When I finally did go (I eased back in by eating soft vegetables in soup), it did hurt---- but after the first time, it really truly wasn't bad. And it quickly got better. I'm about 2 weeks post-surgery, and am basically back to normal. I don't regret getting the surgery at all---- incredibly grateful to Dr. Kelly Garrett in New York for a job well done. For those of you reading up because you're considering getting the surgery, I highly recommend a liquid diet---- and a reputable doctor is obviously key too.
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