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Anemia, nausea, fatigue, blood IN stool

I have been fatigued and nauseated for about a month. Im on Depo Provera, and knew I wasnt pregnant, but feel like it.
My doctor sent me for a blood test, and everything is borderline low. (my WBC is 5.2, RBC is 4.08, CO2 is 20). I can give any other info that may be key.

six days ago I began seeing blood in my stool. It looks like red flakes in the B.M. I also have free blood as well.

The nausea and fatigue hasnt let up, the blood in the stool has, but Im still going for a cat scan on monday.
I have a history of colon cancer, and almost every other cancer in my family. My mother has pre cancerous polyps (60 yr old).  I also have a probrability of having lupus, but not tech. diagnosed yet.

In the past year, I have had increase of gas, and periodically when I sit, it feels as though my tailbone is sore. It's actually the getting up that is uncomfortable.
Please help. I know ill get answers, but im about two weeks away from answers and it feels like the last five min of a five yr sentance.
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