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Answer needed for Stomach Pain

My father is 82 and just underwent a rather urgent 7 bypass surgery.  He is in extremely good health overall and takes very good care of himself.  He has inherited heart disease and luckily has prolonged his life by his great lifestyle.  Before the surgery he complained of stomach pain, bloating, belching.  The docs said it was his heart.  He also mentioned it to them several times in the hospital.  He had a big set back and had to have a CT and they noted fluid around his gallbladder.  Finally they did an ultrasound which was normal and he just had a colonoscopy which was normal however he was said to be aneimic and there was blood in his stool.  He still says he feels bloated, has pain, and belching.  This occurs mostly in the morning.  They said they might do a HIDA scan.  This is interfering with his recovery from his heart surgery and I feel like no one is taking him seriously.  He has surgery in early Nov.  He has had this stomach issue for over a year and it is getting worse.  He is miserable.
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Have the docs do a quick and easy H. pylori test to see if it's possible that part of the problem could be acid reflux issues. The symptoms of acid reflux and of gallbladder issues can be very similar. He should also have the HIDA scan to check out issues with his GB.

If he's been on a lot of antibiotics, you may want to consider asking him to try some probiotics - they're the good bacteria that should be in a person's GI system but may not be due to illness and medication use. There are some great brands on the market some of which include Culturelle, Digestive Advantage-IBS (not just for IBS), and FloraQ.
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Thanks so much!  I know they originally thought he had something that occurs when you have had too many IV antibiotics but they tested for it twice and it was normal.  He has had prostate cancer and I know he is concerned about it being cancer.

  Do the probotics need a prescription?
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No, no prescription needed. Just call the drugstore and find out which one carries them.

They probably tested him for C. diff, it's a nasty little bacteria that we all carry, but when you're on antibiotics they can kill off a lot of the good bacteria that keeps the C. diff in check and it 'blooms', causing on heck of a problem. I'm glad he didn't have that.
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Well, Hida scan was done.  No results yet but doc ordered more blood tests.  He asked the tech if things were normal and of course she said she couldn't tell him b/c she wasn't a doctor and could get in trouble.  He said he understood.  She did say she had an "opinion" and she asked if they had said anything about surgery that day.  He said no and she advised he not eat a greasy meal until he heard results.  That was on Friday so I am sure he won't get anything until next week.  He was so weak and uncomforttable this morning he could hardly get out of bed.  They did do random biopsies in the colonoscopy but they didn't make a deal of it so I am sure they are normal.  Told him about the probotics and he is taking imodium.  Any other ideas?
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It sounds as if the tech is suggesting that something that was seen on the HIDA scan is 'saying' there's a greatly decreased ejection fraction which could mean the gallbladder needs to come out. Do make sure that little-to-no fat is eaten.

Make sure you get a copy of the pathology report on the colonoscopy and the doc's written report and read it Just because nothing is specifically stated doesn't mean the report might not contain 'something' that should be discussed.
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Thanks again.  It has been great to have this way to get your views and frankly it just feels better to have someone to talk to about it who understands and your suggestions of things to think about and do really help.   Hopefully next week we will have some answers.
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