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Anxiety/Stress stopping ulcer from healing?

Diagnosed via endoscopy with a small gastric erosion compatible with gastritis several months ago (negative for h.pylori).  Have tried Protonix for 3 months, Dexilant for 2 months, Nexium for 2 weeks (felt worse), and have been on Carafate for a month.  I've also tried some "at home remedies".  Nothing works.  

I went to see my primary care Dr. for stress/anxiety and he thinks that may be why my stomach is not healing.  He said that too much stress can cause your stomach to produce more acid. I have noticed that during times of extreme stress my ulcer pain gets very bad.  He prescribed Xanax, which I have taken in the past, but never on a daily basis.  I'm supposed to take .5mg twice a day for now to see if keeping my anxiety/stress calmed down helps my stomach at all.  He told me to stop the Carafate since it doesn't seem to be helping and wants me to take 300mg Zantac at bedtime.  He also gave me a "cocktail" of three different medicines that I'm supposed to try when the pain flairs up...it's supposed to stop the pain right away.

Is stress/anxiety something that could stop an ulcer from healing?  If so, is there anything besides Xanax that could help?  I don't like feeling high from it and I noticed yesterday, my first day on it, that it made me feel a little depressed and irritated.  There has to be a reason why none of these ulcer medicines are working.  I wish someone could help!!
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Hi there!

Yes, stress/ anxiety can increase the acid output and prevent ulcer healing. Yes, there are other medications that can be used though low-dose xanax is usually the first that is tried.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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I guess I just have to live in pain for the rest of my life and hope I don't end up with a perforation or stomach cancer.  I've already had breast cancer and melanoma, sure hope I don't have to add a third to the list.  I don't understand why no one can give me anything close to an answer as to why none of these medicines work for me.  I can't be the first person in the world who didn't respond to typical ulcer treatments.
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