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Anxiety caused reflux + burping

So question, i was heading out with my wife for dinner and i had a sudden onsaught of anxiety.  I was feeling really nervous and started to feel a bit of upset stomach.  I took my peppermint pill (normally take it fine, rarely have issues) with water and about 5 minutes later found myself burping and almost had the water come back up.  I then noticed that my stomach was bloated and my seat belt was tighter.  I have been burping a lot in the last 2 hours, besides the burps, mild pain right below my ribcage in the center, a little bit of burning in my throat and a tiny bit in my stomach and a minor amount of bloating.  

So my question, can a sudden anxiety attack cause reflux and burping like this?  We ended up skipping our night out and came home where i was able to drink some water and eat a small peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.  feeling somewhat ok now.

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to answer your question. Yes. you had a panic attack. anxiety has a huge effect on our guts.
For future reference, if your dealing with acid reflux, consuming acidic food/drink (jelly) is not the best idea.
Peppermint pills have been known to cause acid reflux. you need to make sure you are taking a good, reputable brand.
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